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Pokemon Go Error code 99313 | Why can’t I battle my friends remotely?

A Pokemon Go error code 99313 is preventing players from doing battle with their friends. With PvP being such as big part of Niantic’s smartphone game these days, this clearly isn’t very good. So why can’t you battle your friends remotely? Find out if there’s a Pokemon Go error code 99313 fix to resolve this problem.

What is the Pokemon Go error code 99313?

pokemon go error code 99313 bug

Pokemon Go players have taken to all corners of the internet, such as the Silph Road’s Reddit page, to query what this issue is. The problem stems from people not being able to remotely battle others on their friends list, and shows up everytime some gamers try to launch a PvP battle with their mates.

Users who start threads, such as this one, appear at a loss over how to fix Pokemon Go error code 99313. So, what’s the solution, if there is one?

How to fix Pokemon Go error code 99313

pokemon go error code 99313 fix

Luckily, there’s an easy solution to this problem, although it might be one that causes a bit of ire between you and your friends. Basically, the error code shows up if you – or your friends – have “allow battle challenges with friends” disabled in the settings menu.

Some of the replies on the above Reddit thread claim that this has happened to them when they’ve tried to instigate remote battles with their friends. If their friend doesn’t have this option open, the Pokemon Go error code 99313 will show up on your smartphone’s screen.

This problem isn’t something for you to be overly concerned about then. It could you and your friends to have a bit of a spat about why they aren’t keen on accepting PvP battles, but really that’s their decision. There’s plenty of other Pokemon Go players to battle against, so you won’t run out of fellow trainers to play PvP with.