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Apex Legends Solos and Duos playlists | Do I have to play Trios?

Apex Legends has launched across PC, PS4, and Xbox One systems, giving gamers free access to the latest battle royale experience. This take on the genre implements a number of unique elements that encourage working together as a team, with the only available mode forcing players into teams of three (trios). However, what with competitors offering a range of playlists for groups big and small, will Apex Legends have Solo and Duo playlists sometime soon? Here’s what we know and what we expect.

Will Apex Legends have Solo and Duo playlists?

Will Apex Legends have Solo and Duo playlists

At the time of launch, Apex Legends trios is the only playlist available. If you have a group of one or two, you will matchmake to find a partner. If you have a team of four, you’ll need to split up. This will no doubt disappoint players who like the lone wolf experience, or prefer to play in groups of two or four, but this game has been developed with three-player squads in mind, and so it’s understandable why this limitation would be in place.

In Apex Legends, 60 players are split into 20 teams of three. Squadmates can assist each other with abilities, share loot, and help out with revives. What’s more, the Ping function allows teammates to convey information without needing a microphone. This feature should help in squads that are made up of strangers.

Will there be an Apex Legends Solos and Duos release date?

Will Apex Legends have Solo and Duo playlists

Regardless of the how much time and effort Respawn Entertainment has put into shaping Apex Legends around three-player squads, it should be obvious that some gamers are going to be demanding a Solos playlist, at the very least. Battle royale as a solo player versus as a team player is wildly different, and some gamers hate having to carry and/or depend on others.

An Apex Legends Solos release date will be one of the first features requested by players, I’m certain. How the developers could implement it into a game built around teamwork, I’m not so sure about!