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Fruit Ninja iPhone Cheats

WARNING: Fruit was harmed in the making of this game. You are a ninja warrior whose sworn enemy is flying fruit. Swipe your finger across the screen of your Iphone or Android to decimate and destroy produce. For fruit ninja tips check out this page. Now, do you have what it takes to climb to the top of the leaderboards?


Unlockable Backgrounds

Here is the Unlockable Backgrounds,

Fruit Ninja Background - Get 125 points without dropping a fruit in Classic Mode.

I Heart Sensei Background - Read 3 different strawberry fruit facts.

Great Wave Background - Slice 250 Watermelons.

Yin Yang Background - Slice 75 Passion fruits.

Unlockables Blades

Here are the list of the unlock able blades.

Disco Blade - Slice 50 Banana's.

Mr. Sparkle Blade - Slice 3 Pineapples in a row, in Classic Mode.

Old Glory Blade - Finish a game with a score of "50" points.

Butterfly Knife Blade - Get a combo with strawberry 40 times.

Flame Blade - Score a combo after the timer ends in Zen Mode.

Ice Blade - Slice 20 Freeze Banana's in Arcade Mode.

Shadow Blade - Get a score of at least 175 in Zen Mode, playing upside down. (Device is right way up)

Pixel Love Blade - Get 50 Combos in Classic Mode.

Piano Blade - Slice 100 Critical's.

Party Time Blade - Slice every strawberry and nothing else in a game of Arcade Mode.

Bamboo Shoot Blade - Play a Full Game of Zen Mode everyday, 5 days in a row.

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Fruit Annihilation 120 - Kill 10000 Fruit Total

Fruit Rampage 80 - Kill 5000 Fruit Total

Fruit Frenzy 60 - Kill 1000 Fruit Total

Purple is a Fruit 60 - Kill 20 Plums in one round of Classic Mode

Lucky Ninja 60 - Get 6 criticals in one round of Classic Mode

Deja Vu 60 - Kill 4 of the same type of fruit in a row in Classic Mode

Ultimate Fruit Ninja 40 - Get a score of 200 in Classic Mode

Fruit Blitz 40 - Kill 500 Fruit Total

No Doctors Here 40 - Kill 15 Apples in one round of Classic Mode

It’s all Pear Shaped 40 - Kill 3 Pears in a row in Classic Mode

Secret 20 - You must unlock this achievement to unlock its description.

Mango Magic 20 - Get a critical hit with a Mango

Great Fruit Ninja 20 - Get a score of 100 in Classic Mode

Fruit Fight 20 - Kill 150 Fruit Total

Go Banana 20 - Kill 10 Bananas in one round of Classic Mode

Fruit Ninja 10 - Get a score of 50 in Classic Mode

Cutting the pineapple 3 times in a row

What you need to do is wait until two in a row fly up then wait and pray that there's a third. If not cut the fruit and move on.

Lovely Bunch Achievement help

To get the "Lovely Bunch" you need a combo of 6 coconuts in Zen Mode (may also be achieveable in other modes).

Year of the Dragon Achievement help

For the special fruit secret, you play classic mode and eventually a big fruit will fly across the screen from left to right. Not only will you get the achievement but you will also get 50 bonus points. For the secret ones, you have to get 0 fruit, 69 fruit, 99 fruit, and you have to get your exact high score, then you just let youself lose.

Strawberry Facts help

To the strawberry facts go on zen mode and get a combo with mostly strawberries in and you will get one.