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Apex Legends 0xffffffff error | How to fix ‘Unable to connect’ code

The Apex Legends 0xffffffff error (or Oxffffffff, depending on your interpretation) can put an immediate dampener on what could have otherwise been an awesome marathon of battle royale action. Not being able to connect to EA Servers is obviously a big problem, as this online game requires players to be constantly sending and receiving information to and from the servers. Thankfully, there is a fix that could help you. Here is what you need to know about the Apex Legends 0xffffffff error.

What does the Apex Legends 0xffffffff error mean?

Apex Legends 0xffffffff error

If you’re hit with the issue, you’ll find the Apex Legends 0xffffffff error popping up on the main menu, stating: “Unable to connect to EA Servers (Code Code: 0xffffffff). Please check your Internet connection and try again. See for more information.”

Basically, your system is having trouble communicating with the game’s servers. This means that matchmaking with other squads and entering a round filled with 60 players, is impossible. There are no Apex Legends offline modes, so no bots or anything else to do while the game is down, so unfortunately you will need to find a fix.

How to fix the Apex Legends 0xffffffff error code

The Apex Legends 0xffffffff error fix is pretty simple, but unfortunately isn’t guaranteed to work every single time.

You’ll first want to hit the “Retry” button to attempt to reconnect. This can sometimes work, with the error having been caused by a minor hiccup that quickly passed.

If this doesn’t work, try rebooting the game. This will start a fresh connection attempt, giving EA Servers a chance to reach out and acknowledge you. Failing this, you’ll want to head into your system’s network settings and try reconnecting to your router.

If none of the above works, and it’s safe to do so, try fully powering off and on your router.

Should the Apex Legends 0xffffffff error code continue to appear, and you are sure that you’ve tried all of the options above, you may need to simply wait out the downtime period, as frustrating as that might be!