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Apex Legends Finishers | How to use finishing moves

How rewarding are the Apex Legends finishers? Respawn’s battle royale game only released on February 4, but players are already getting to grips with how to use finishing moves. Do you want to know how to perform them? You’re in the right place to learn. Find out everything about the Apex Legends finishers with our guide.

Apex Legends finishers | What are they?

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Put simply, finishers are moves that you can perform on opponents when they have been downed. It’s your typically arrogant-but-fun way of eliminating opposition players, and you’ll want to learn how to use them to really rub it in your opponent’s face.

Apex Legends finishers | How to use

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Your platform of choice will dictate what button you must press to perform Apex Legends finishers on a downed opponent. If you’re playing on Xbox One, you have to stand over one of your foes and press the X button on your controller. If you’re on PC, you’ll need to push the E key (if using the default layout) to conduct Apex Legends finishers. Finally, those on PS4 will have to push the square button on your gamepad to execute these moves.

Apex Legends finishers | How many are there?

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There are eight playable characters in Apex Legends, and six of them have three finishing moves. The two characters who don’t Bangalore and Mirage only have two right now, but could have others patched in down the line.

Each legend has what is called a “first finisher”, which is your quick-and-easy finishing move to put enemies out of their misery. This is available to everyone as soon as you begin playing. The other two Apex Legends finishers for each character is original to them, and require a bit of work to unlock them.

To get these legendary finishers, you have to acquire crafting materials. These are given to you in Apex packs every time you level up. Alternatively, you can buy Apex coins from the in-game store to purchase Apex packs, if the grind proves too much hassle for you. You can then open your packs, get crafting materials, and unlock more finishers.