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Apex Legends Fall Faster | How to drop quicker and land first

Mastering your Apex Legends fall faster skills will be one of the first things you’ll want to do. As soon as you master the ability of how to drop quicker and land first, you’ll begin to notice that you’re finding weapons much more quickly than your opponents. You’ll also have more time to get your equipment sorted, before the circle starts to close in. Like most of the other battle royale games out there, Apex Legends rewards players who take the time to master and optimize various gameplay aspects. Fortunately for you reading this article, we’ve included a few tips and tricks to help you land quickly, giving you a leg-up on the competition.

Apex Legends Fall Faster | How to drop quicker

Apex Legends Fall Faster

Let’s begin with the basics, as some of you might not be familiar with battle royale. Once matchmaking has concluded, the round will begin with the Jumpmaster picking a place for the three-player squad to land. If you’re the Jumpmaster and want to land first, simply deploy as soon as possible, aiming your character straight towards the ground. Obviously, it’s best to aim for some loot here, and that should be your main priority.

Aiming your character’s head towards the ground will lead to the fastest descent. The tradeoff is that it’s more difficult to cover ground. If you’re aiming for somewhere close to the flight path, then this strategy is fine. However, if you’re aiming to cross the island, you’ll be wanting to aim your body up, belly down to the ground.

If your Jumpmaster seems inexperienced and is taking their sweet time picking a position, you can always break away and make your own way down to the island.

Apex Legends Fall Faster | How to land first

Apex Legends Fall Faster

Landing first can often mean the difference between life and death, as beating the competition means getting first dibs on weapons and armor. If you’re super quick, you’ll be able to grab a gun and take out enemies before they can even get a weapon of their own.

One big tip we (accidentally) learned early on, was that landing on a taller structure allows you to get to the lower levels more quickly than by just gliding. See the tower above? Aim to land on that, and then jump off. There’s no fall damage, so you’ll retain full health, and you’ll also have a few more critical moments to get yourself a weapon.