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Apex Legends Revive Teammates | How to use respawn banners

If one of your squad gets knocked down and killed in Apex Legends, there’s still a chance to bring them back from the dead. The Apex Legends revive teammates mechanic gives you a chance to revive a player even after they’ve been killed and dropped their inventory, for a short time. In the battle royale arena, your chances at survival are massively impacted if you lose a teammate, so the respawn banners can greatly help you recover from an enemy ambush and continue fighting. Read on to find how to use respawn banners in Apex Legends, and live to fight another battle.

Apex Legends Revive Teammates | How to use respawn banners

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Respawning a teammate in Apex Legends is no easy task. When you lose a teammate in a fight, you won’t always be able to get back to respawn them in time, and you might still have to deal with any leftover enemies that killed them. To respawn a teammate, you first have to loot their inventory and recover their Respawn Banner. If they died in enemy territory, your task then becomes much more difficult. We’ve found that stealth is the best route in this scenario, to avoid losing more teammates while you’re at a disadvantage. Next, you will have to take the teammate’s banner to one of the Respawn Beacons, which are located on the map as green dots. Your fallen teammate can ping it on your HUD by following the prompt in the bottom-left of the screen.

If you reach this point, you can activate the machine to respawn your teammate, who will be dropped in at the same location via airship. This process can take a short amount of time, and leave you out in the open, so be aware of enemy squads ambushing you. Likewise, when your teammate returns, their inventory will be empty, so make sure to find some weapons for them after they drop. If you’ve lost both teammates and can’t respawn them in time, the self-revive ability could still help you to survive in the Apex Legends arena, reviving you after being knocked down without needing assistance from your teammates.