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Apex Legends Level Cap | What’s the max rank?

We bet you’re wondering what the Apex Legends level cap is. Well, you’ve come to the right place if you want to learn more about this part of Respawn’s battle royale game. Most online multiplayers cap your level at rank 50, but the max level for Apex Legends might not be what you’re expecting.

Apex Legends level cap | Is rank 50 the top level?

apex legends level cap max rank

Like any other game that allows you to rank up, you earn experience points (XP) to progress your character. You get XP for things such as the number of kills you get, winning matches, and more.

Unlike other titles, however, the Apex Legends level cap isn’t locked at rank 50. This means that there’s plenty of reasons to keep grinding as your main character or choice or, if you prefer, to level up all eight legends present in the game. You might be a while though. The max level for every character is rank 100, so you better start grinding now.

Apex Legends level cap | Endgame rewards after rank 100

apex legends level cap 50 100

So you’ve hit level 100 for your main, congratulations. What is there left to do with this legend if you can’t use XP to carry on progressing though? Respawn have thought about this, and there are rewards available if you keep playing.

Once you hit the Apex Legends level cap of 100, you will carry on earning additional Legend Tokens. You get these special tokens by getting enough XP from every match that you play. Once you hit level 100, these don’t stop coming, as they give you a reason to carry on playing as your favorite legend too.

You can use Legend Tokens to unlock specific items in the Apex Legends store, or characters that you can’t access at the beginning of the game. To find out what you can actually get with these, check out our guide on Legend Tokens, crafting metals, and Apex coins.