Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon DS Cheats

Alternate Opening

Marry any of the girls then save your game. When you turn on your game again, you should see that the Sharance Tree is in bloom with a new voice actor singing the song and new scenes.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Alternate OpeningMarry a girl, then save.


Item Duplication Glitch

This glitch can only be done after you beat the first dungeon and requires another player with their own copy of the game.


1. Save your game

2. Enter into the multiplayer dungeon (any field)

3. Give the other person the items you want to duplicate

4. Exit and reset without saving

You and the other person should now both have the items exchanged in Step 4.

Easy Money and Wool

At the end of the day, you might be out of energy before you're ready to retire for the night. If that's the case, you can still perform activities to earn gold without spending RP. Equip the sheers and find the wild Woolies in Piveria Forest. You can press B to sheer them, even though they're wild. Your only reward is a single small fleece, but you can keep sheering Woolies as long as you like for easy money (keep in mind also that you can turn 3 small fleece items into a yarn ball, which is helpful when you need to obtain practice materials).

Shipping Vegetables

When you find a higher level of vegetable than you have previously possessed, make sure that you ship at least one vegetable of that level rather than eating it. The level of seeds you can buy at the local shop depends on the level of seed you have shipped. You'll never be able to buy more than a level 1 turnip seed, for instance, if you eat every turnip you find at a higher level. The same concept also holds true for seeds you unearth in fields.

Likes List

Here is a list of likes for various people. Note: Buy rice and chocolate from Hazel or Karina at their store.

Mushrooms and apples can be found in the forest by Daria's home.

Gaius - Any ore (LOVES gold)

Raven - Flowers (likes ore)

Sofia - WEEDS

Karina - Gems (HATES diamonds)

Sherman - Cooked items

Sakuya - Monster trophies (likes sashimi)

Pia - Squid (likes apples and oranges)

Shino - Mushrooms

Carmen - Fish

Evelyn - "clothing material" such as cloth

Rusk - Sweets (chocolate can be bought)

Blaise - Sweets (chocolate can be bought)

Collette - Rice dishes

Marjorie - Colored grass

Wells - Rice ball

Hazel - Vegetables

Marian - Green vegetables

Carlos - Fish

Daria - Colored grass