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Apex Legends Easy Anti-Cheat crash | How to fix a startup crash on PC

Apex Legends is out now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and it’s the hot new battle royale game from the makers of Titanfall. It should be easy to download and play the game on all platforms, but players on PC have been encountering various issues and specific error messages. However, some PC players don’t even get far enough to experience error messages, or even the game itself. The Apex Legends Easy Anti-Cheat crash, for example, hits PC players right as the game is starting up. What causes it? And most importantly, is there a way to fix it right now?

What is the Apex Legends Easy Anti-Cheat crash?

The Apex Legends Easy Anti-Cheat crash hits PC players immediately after starting up the game. You open up Origin, hit “Play” on Apex Legends (or double-click on the desktop icon), and you’ll see the Easy Anti-Cheat banner appear. The game will start to load, but after a couple of seconds it’ll crash to the desktop with no warning or error message. Origin will pop back up again, but trying again will have the same result. So what’s the solution?

How to fix the Apex Legends Easy Anti-Cheat crash

Despite the name, coincidence, and initial speculation, this crash does not appear to be anything specifically to do with Easy Anti-Cheat, or any problems with it. That just happens to be the logo on the screen when Apex Legends crashes. It’s also not anything to do with Windows 8, nor any updates to Windows 10, since players with different operating systems have experienced the issue. There appears to be two possibilities, with two possible solutions:

  1. It is related to Asus Aura, or other RGB graphics controllers. You might need to open up Task Manager and manually ending Lightingservices.exe before trying to play Apex Legends. Asus Aura, in particular, manages RGB lighting, and this can mess up a game like Apex Legends. You may need to uninstall the program altogether.
  2. Alternatively, if you don’t have Asus Aura, or any program controlling the graphics externally of Apex Legends, then sadly the only way to deal with the problem is to wait for a fix. Keep an eye on the game’s forums for possible player suggestions.