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Apex Legends Nessie | Where is the Titanfall Nessie Easter egg?

Apex Legends, the latest game from Titanfall creators Respawn, hasn’t even been out a day as we write this, and yet players are already searching every inch of the map for secrets. One secret that’s already been found, however, is the Apex Legends Nessie Easter egg. This particular secret is one with a long history, and has become something of a Respawn Entertainment trademark. But where is the Nessie Easter egg in Apex Legends? Why is it so important? We’ve got the answers.

Where is the Apex Legends Nessie Easter egg?

Fortunately you don’t need to go far to find the Apex Legends Nessie Easter egg, in fact you don’t even need to risk your life at all, since Nessie can found in the game’s Training map. You have to complete this tutorial section when you start playing, so you can check it out then, otherwise you can always replay the Training section from the main menu.

When you’re in the main area, head East to the very back of the map. You’ll probably need to jump over a metal wall that’s on the right, and then go all the way down to the edge of the training area. You should end up in the corner area above. Follow the fence here to the little gap between the fence and the rocks. You’ll see the little green Nessie toy tucked away in the corner.

What is the Titanfall Nessie Easter egg?

The Nessie is a fan-favorite Easter egg that’s appeared in all of Respawn’s games so far. There were a few in Titanfall, and at least 12 of the things in Titanfall 2, including a creepy shrine where dozens of the little Nessies are worshipping a giant Nessie. There’s not been any particular reason given for this recurring Easter egg in the Titanfall universe games, and we don’t know if it will continue in the studio’s Star Wars game coming this year. One thing’s for sure though: there’s usually more than one Nessie. Best get hunting, Apex Legends players…