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The Division 2 Beta Rusher Enemies | How to kill

Have you signed up to The Division 2 beta? If so, you might have noticed how annoying the Rusher Enemies are. These pesky enemies always charge at you equipped with a variety of different weapons. Difficult to deal with at the best of time, a glitch in the beta has made the Division 2 beta Rusher Enemies particularly difficult to deal with as there is no headshot damage or melee damage active for these foes. Read on to find out what the glitch does exactly and how to kill Rusher Enemies in The Division 2 beta.

What is the Division 2 beta Rusher Enemies glitch?

Division 2 Beta Rusher Enemies

As is typically the case with private betas, there are plenty of issues big and small in the Division 2 beta. While it may seem like a smaller issue at first, the Rusher Enemies glitch is actually big in reality. Rusher Enemies in the Division 2 beta do not receive damage from either headshots or melee weapons. As they charge towards you, this could make killing these enemies an insufferable chore. Thankfully, there is a workaround.

How to kill Division 2 beta Rusher Enemies

Division 2 Beta Rusher Enemies

As per the official Ubisoft support forums, there is a workaround in killing Rusher Enemies. It’s a simple one, too. Simply shoot their torsos. While this won’t do as much damage as headshots would, it’ll still kill them eventually. It’s annoying, however, as it will ensure you use up more ammo on Rusher Enemies than you would normally need to, whilst making them more difficult to deal with in the process. A tip, though. If there are any grenade-wielding Rusher Enemies, shoot their ammo bags. This will cause an explosion, dealing damage to all those nearby.

As this is a private beta for The Division 2, any issues such as this should be ironed out in the full release of the game. We can always hope Ubisoft patches in a fix before then, however.