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Apex Legends Wraith Knife | How to unlock secret knife

Ever since the release of Apex Legends, players have been scrambling to get the best skins and cosmetic items for their favorite characters. In amongst the dozens of items available for each character, the heirloom sets are even rarer than the legendary drops. The Apex Legends Wraith Knife is quite possibly the rarest item available in the game, as part of a three-item set that can’t be crafted. This is an incredible item for any Wraith player to have; read on to find out how to unlock secret knife.

Apex Legends Wraith Knife | How to unlock secret knife

Apex Legends Wraith Knife

With Respawn’s system of Apex Packs, you have a chance to unlock any of the cosmetic items across all the characters, ranging in rarity between common, rare, epic, and legendary. However, the heirloom sets have less than a one percent chance of appearing, making them extremely hard to find. In fact, an heirloom like the Wraith’s Knife is only guaranteed to be dropped in every 500 packs opened, although you might unlock an heirloom in the first Apex Pack you open. The only way to unlock the secret knife, however, is through the Apex Packs. Unlike other skins and cosmetic items in the game, the Apex Legends Wraith Knife cannot be crafted using the in-game metal currency.

Okiiee on YouTube was lucky enough to earn the Wraith Heirloom seen above. The Wraith’s Knife comes in a three-item set from an Apex Pack, the same as any heirloom set, and has a distinctive red glow once unlocked. This “Kunai” secret knife skin replaces Wraith’s melee weapon attack, and is accompanied in the set by the intro quip “Come find me,” as well as “Fearless” banner pose. Thankfully, as they all come in one set, you won’t have to unlock these heirlooms individually. More heirloom sets are expected to come in the future for other characters, but Wraith is currently the only character with a dedicated heirloom set.