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Apex Legends Stream Sniping | How to stop stream snipers

Apex Legends is the most popular game on Twitch right now, even surpassing the view count for the rival battle royale shooter Fortnite. We’re beginning to hear more reports of stream snipers in Apex Legends, with hundreds of streams all active at once, as viewers exploit the live gameplay feed from Twitch to get an advantage over their favorite streamers. Apex Legends stream sniping can be difficult to prevent during a game, and even more difficult to identify them. Read on to find out how to find stream snipers in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Stream Sniping | How to stop stream snipers

Apex Legends stream sniping

Many fans attempt to become stream snipers to gain attention or recognition from their favorite streamers, or to gain fame among their friends by killing a renowned streamer. As such, there are some steps you can take to stop stream snipers in your Apex Legends games. The developers at Respawn designed the Streamer Mode settings to prevent fans from being tempted at stream sniping, by obscuring the name of the player that killed you, or even all enemies in a round. If you enable these settings, your viewers will be far less likely to attempt to stream snipe you, as they won’t get the recognition from you or other fans without their name being displayed.

Apex Legends Stream Sniping | How to find stream snipers

Apex Legends stream sniping

It’s not always clear if you were a victim of stream sniping, and it’s even more difficult to find stream snipers in a game. If a player seems to know exactly where you are in Apex Legends, and isn’t using Bloodhound’s tracking abilities, then they may well be a stream sniper. Try to keep an eye on your chat for anyone attempting to gain recognition for killing you, and if you are suspicious of a certain player, then be liberal with blocking them. Otherwise, you could make use of the rumored bots-only modes, trying your luck against the varying difficulty levels of AI-driven bots.