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Apex Legends Squad Up | How to join a squad with recent players

For some, it may be the perfect battle royale but, for others, the lack of an Apex Legends Squad Up feature is a real kick in the teeth for those who don’t play with friends every day. The ability to keep playing with a squad of randomers that you may or may not have just won with seems to be a strange absence. There is, however, a way to play with those you’ve just teamed up with. Here’s how to join an Apex Legends squad with recent players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Is there an Apex Legends Squad Up feature?

Unfortunately, there is no in-game way to keep playing with your squad or even join a party/lobby with them immediately after a game has finished. With the “Squad Up” feature being a mainstay in shooters and even games such as Rocket League, there’s a real disconnect with how polished Apex Legends is and the lack of any real, expected, multiplayer features.

But fans are making their voices heard. In a recent Reddit post by Respawn Community Manager Jay Frechette, which provided an update on the game, a long, long list of top-rated comments followed with one throughline: Where is the Apex Legends Squad Up feature?

There’s been no response as of writing. But there is a way to join an Apex Legends squad with recent players – you’re just going to have to do it the old-fashioned way. Before you do this, however, write down or take a photo of your squadmates’ PSN IDs/Gamertags/Origin usernames. You’ll be lost without them.

How to join an Apex Legends squad with recent players on PS4

This one’s easy to find, if a little tucked away. Simply follow these instructions:

  • Go to the Friends Tab
  • Scroll down to “Players Met”

…except it might not be that simple. Apex Legends appears to have had its Players Met feature turned off, as do most games now on PS4. Instead, if that continues to be the case, you’re gonna just have to make a note of your squad’s PSN names and message them separately by either searching for their ID on the Friends menu, or sending a message through the, you guessed it, Messages menu.

How to join an Apex Legends squad with recent players on Xbox One

  • Press the Xbox button in the middle of your controller
  • Go to “People”
  • Click “Recent players”

You’ll be able to send them a message–or add as a friend if you’d like to–from here and ask if they want to team up again.

How to join an Apex Legends squad with recent players on PC

Origin doesn’t have a “Recent Players” option so you’re stuck with but one option: grabbing a screenshot during a game or having screen-capture software open so you can refer back to it.