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Far Cry New Dawn Joseph Seed | Is Joseph Seed in New Dawn?

Joseph Seed was quite a big character in Far Cry 5 but, after the bombs fell, it’s worth asking if he returns in the sequel, Far Cry New Dawn. He must be like a cockroach, because the twisted cult leader does indeed return to the open-world franchise. But what does the Far Cry New Dawn Joseph Seed look like and is he similar to the Far Cry 5 version? Be warned that this article will delve into spoilers.

Far Cry New Dawn Joseph Seed | Is he in New Dawn?

Far Cry New Dawn Joseph Seed

Joseph Seed does not show up until you get deep into the game’s campaign. After going to New Eden, the remnants of the cult that gathered together after the disaster, you go on a few missions to find the Father himself after being directed by his own son. He’s been holed up in the northern most part of the map in his own little domain. It’s after one very long boat ride.

However you can’t journey to that part of the map until you reach a specific part in the story. So just don’t try fly there as soon as you can.

Far Cry New Dawn Joseph Seed | His new role

Far Cry New Dawn Joseph Seed

Be warned that this section has more explicit spoilers.

The Far Cry New Dawn Joseph Seed is much calmer than he was in the previous game. He no longer appears to have the delusions of grandeur that plagued his mind in Far Cry 5. Having expressed regret for his past, he has isolated himself and lives in a small hut to the north. However, he still has religion on his mind as he frequently talks about it to the player. Essentially, whether or not it is earned, Seed has matured in the 17 years since the nukes went off.

Later in the game, Seed admits that he was wrong about his past expresses guilt for not being able to save his son, Ethan. Ethan doesn’t like his father because of how he was left in charge after Joseph left. The mysterious fruit that Joseph’s tree bears ends up being the demise of Ethan, but the two, more or less, make up near the end.