Box art - Far Cry: New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn Weapon slots | How to get more weapon slots

Far Cry New Dawn, the latest game in Ubisoft’s shooter series, is out now, and it contains a wealth of secrets to uncover, equipment to raid, outposts to conquer, and, of course, enemies to shoot. Then again, you won’t be doing any of that if you don’t have the firepower to back up your adventures. This is a first-person shooter, after all. The trouble is, you’ll be needing some more Far Cry New Dawn Weapon slots to do that effectively.

Like all games in the series from Far Cry 3 onwards, the latest game in the franchise only starts you off with a pathetic two weapon slots. That’s one handgun, one normal. So, when you start the game, it’s impossible to carry both a rocket launcher and a shotgun at the same time, and you’ll only be able to carry the pathetic slow-reloading Tier 1 weapons too as you begin. You need more weapon slots fast, so fortunately we’re here to help you get them.

How many Far Cry New Dawn Weapon slots are there?

You start Far Cry New Dawn with just two weapon slots, and one of those has to be a handgun. You’ll also be allowed another slot for a melee weapon, but otherwise that’s all you get at the start. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to get a maximum of four weapon slots (not including the melee slot). That’s one handgun slot and three general slots, which you can fill with any one of the game’s shotguns, machine-guns, rocket launchers, saw launchers, rifles and more. Unfortunately, you’ll have to unlock those other two slots to make the most of these…

How to get the third weapon slot

Far Cry New Dawn weapon slot 3

To unlock the third weapon slot you’ll need to spend 2 Perk points on the Perks screen. Perks are essentially Far Cry New Dawn‘s way that you can upgrade your character’s abilities, and include such delights as being able to carry more ammo, breathe for longer underwater, and get the trusty Wingsuit. Before all of that, however, you’ll want to unlock the “Well-Armed” Perk near the bottom right, which will allow you to carry a third weapon. It’s only 2 Perk points, you’ll basically earn that walking out of your Prosperity homebase, which is when you get access to the Perks screen in the character menu anyway. This is essential, so get it first.

How to get the fourth weapon slot

Far Cry New Dawn weapon slot 4

While we personally consider unlocking all the weapon slots early the most important thing to spend Perk points on, the fourth weapon slot is a little more optional, since you could probably do without it for a little while. If there’s another Perk you want instead feel free to get that first, but when you’re ready to grab it it’ll cost 4 Perk points for the “Heavily Armed” Perk, just to the right of the “Well-Armed” Perk. You’ll need that one first, of course.

How to get easy Perk points for the Far Cry New Dawn Weapon slots

Of course, if you want to unlock these weapon slots in the first place you’ll need Perk points, 6 in total for both slots. There are three major ways of getting the points you need. The first is the simplest, at least for getting the initial 2 points you need for the third slot: the Challenges page (next to Perks). Challenges award Perk points for how many kills you get with a weapon, usually no more than 10. Pick two weapons and kill Highwaymen with them and you’ll quickly get the points.

Secondly, if you spot prison trucks (they’ll have a unique icon) you can kill the drive and free the prisoners for 1 Perk point each time. This is down to luck on whether they appear, but just keep driving around and you’ll probably get at least one.

The toughest but easiest way to get 3 Perk points at once is going on a Treasure hunt. You can get these from Information gatherers (they’ve got a blue “!” over their heads) and they’ll get marked on your map. The FANG Center church just north of Prosperity, west off the main road, has the closest, if you’re prepared to kill a bear. Complete this hunt, or any one, and you can pick up three magazines that’ll give you 1 Perk point each. You’ll have all weapon slots in no time at all.