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Far Cry New Dawn Horatio | How to get your pig partner

Far Cry New Dawn is the latest game in Ubisoft’s bestselling shooter series, and just like in last year’s game Far Cry 5 there are a number of AI partners you can enlist to help you take down the evil Highwaymen. There are even a number of animal allies too. While most people would probably choose Timber the dog, who is rather cute, in a fight the better choice is Far Cry New Dawn Horatio, the wild boar.

This piggy partner can be found in the northern part of the Far Cry New Dawn map, and despite his lack of a gun, and not having the size of Far Cry 5‘s bear ally Cheeseburger, Horatio is a force to be reckoned with. We’d argue that he’s pretty cute, too, despite being able to impale people on those sharp curly tusks. But how do you get Horatio, and what’s so great about him? We’ve got the answers.

Who is Horatio in Far Cry New Dawn?

There are 8 Guns for Hire AI allies in Far Cry New Dawn, and you can see all of them on the Roster page on your character menu. You can only have one ally with you at a time, just like in Far Cry 5, and each one has specific skills that can help you out. There are two animal allies in the game. The first you’ll probably find is Timber the dog, and the second is Horatio the boar. While Timber has a good nose for finding things, Horatio is classed as a Tank, and can take down even the toughest enemies. They’ll never see him coming.

Where is Horatio in Far Cry New Dawn?

Far Cry New Dawn Horatio location

To unlock Horatio, you’ll need to head to the location above, which is called Elsinore Farm, just next to the river. It’s directly north-west of The Pantry outpost, and west of the broken bridge where you can sign up for the fighting pits. If you’re lucky, talk to an information gatherer (the NPCs with a blue “!” symbol over their heads) and you may get a quest marker for Horatio like the one in the map above. Head there when you’re ready, but bear in mind it’s quite far to the north, and enemies can be tougher here. Luckily the allies are tougher too…

How to get Far Cry New Dawn Horatio, your piggy partner

Far Cry New Dawn Horatio pig

If you haven’t got it already from an information gatherer, when you get close to Elsinore Farm you’ll receive the “To Love a Boar” side-mission. There’ll be Highwaymen on the farm already, so take them out. If you’re interested in the lore behind Horatio you can look around for the notes scattered about the farm. There’s a lot of regret that he’s not more like Cheeseburger the bear, and he’s already killed people apparently with those tusks of his.

According to the notes, the Highwaymen locked Horatio in a small shed in the back of the farm, and they were planning on eating him. Head to the small blue shed, and if you don’t have the mission tracker on, you’ll know it by the constant banging of Horatio trying to get out. Release the pig by shooting the lock off, and he’ll head out and take care of any enemies close by. However, it turns out all this wild boar needed was a little love. Simply get close to Horatio and the “pet” option will appear. Pet the little piggy and he’ll be your friend for life.

What does Horatio do in Far Cry New Dawn?

As a proper Gun for Hire ally you can summon Horatio whenever you want, and he’ll come running like a good little pig. He’s classified as a Tank, which means he can take more punishment than most allies. He has three special abilities, which like all your AI partners are unlocked as they get a certain amount of kills.

Horatio’s basic ability is “Shield Break,” where he can tear those annoying shields out of an enemy’s hands. After 15 kills he’ll unlock his second ability, “Pig’s Endurance,” where he becomes the only character in the game who can revive himself (even you can’t do that). After 40 kills he’ll unlock his ultimate ability, “Porcine Fury,” where the pig charges forward, destroying everything in his path. Despite being only a pig, he’s clearly an extremely valuable ally to have, so make sure you unlock him as soon as you can. The bad news is, he won’t ride in the sidecar with you…