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Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol | How to get more ethanol

Fuel would be rare after the world has been nuked which means it makes sense that the Far Cry New Dawn ethanol might as well be gold. Ethanol plays a key role in Far Cry New Dawn as it can be used in a number of different ways. But you first have to find it and, thankfully, it is stashed in a few places. So here’s how to get ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn.

Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol | How to get more

Far Cry new dawn ethanol

There are many ways to get Far Cry New Dawn ethanol.

You can get it by hijacking certain trucks in the open world. These will randomly roam the roads and are marked by a red square with a barrel in it. Just shoot the driver and drive it to the nearest base to cash it in for some ethanol. Just be careful and take out any enemy cars following it. They’ll likely shoot you and cause to the truck to explode. Doing this will also net you the “White Gold” trophy or achievement.

Taking over outposts is also a great way to get ethanol. Outposts are littered around the map and will net you some liquid gold if you take them over. You’ll also get bonus ethanol for doing it while remaining undetected and by not setting off any alarms. So be sure to shoot, trap, or disarm the alarms in each base. Tall posts with green lights will show you where the alarms are.

Scavenging outposts is probably the most profitable way to get ethanol. Once you’ve conquered an outpost, you can go to the specific bench to scavenge it or go to main map, hover over the base, and choose the option that will let you scavenge the base. This will immediately give you more ethanol and you can get even more by taking over the outpost again. However, the enemies will get stronger each time up to level three. This can be repeated as much as you want.

The last way to get ethanol is the loot supply drops. These are the boxes that get airdropped in randomly through the map. You won’t get much ethanol from these but they will begin to stack up if you fetch all the ones you come across.

Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol | What to do with it

Far Cry new dawn gun tiers far cry new dawn ethanol

Similar to how there are many ways to get ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn, there are a ton of ways to spend it as well.

You can spend it on your homebase to get better facilities. Each of the different parts of the base, along with the base itself, can be upgraded and it takes quite a bit of ethanol to do so as well. You’ll likely be spending a lot of your ethanol here for quite some time.

Ethanol is also used to upgrade weapons. While it isn’t used to actually craft the weapons, it’s used to pump up armaments you already have. Once you’ve crafted a gun, you can go to the workbench and hover over the weapons you own. You’ll see an “upgrade” prompt instead of a “craft” prompt. This will give your chosen weapon more damage and is used to give players at the end some more reason to keep playing.

Maps also require ethanol. Once you recruit Bean from Wikibeania, you can go to his cartography station in Prosperity and get some intel maps. These maps are spread across different categories: resource, missions, predator, prey, monstrous animals, birds, and fish. These are mostly useful for hunting and gathering the music players, photographs, and treasure hunts. Those collectibles can be hard to find otherwise.