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Far Cry New Dawn Safes | How to crack and unlock safes

There are many things to find in Far Cry New Dawn. And a decent portion of them are hidden in the Far Cry New Dawn safes. These locked up bad boys usually hide useful items like titanium. But they’re not going to just let you open them without a hassle. To get the goods, you’ll need to learn how to open up the safes in Far Cry New Dawn.

Far Cry New Dawn Safes | How to open them

Far Cry new dawn safes

You’ll need either one or two skills from the skill tree: the lock picking skill or the repair car skill. For the lockpickers, you can just go up to a safe and hold down the interact button to open them. This will take a bit unless you have that one skills that speeds it up. The people who opted for the torch will have to equip it in the weapon wheel and burn the safe open. Let’s just pretend that the flame is hot enough to actually do that.

Far Cry New Dawn Safes | What is inside them

Far Cry new dawn safes Far Cry new dawn titanium

There’s no set material in every safe but they are good place for titanium. Titanium is a valuable resource in the game, especially in the first few hours, so make grabbing this skill early on a good idea.

Far Cry New Dawn Safes | Where they are

Far Cry new dawn safes Far Cry new dawn titanium

The safes have no set place. They are all over the map but mainly tend to be near enemy strongholds, Expeditions, and at the end of treasure hunts, which is probably where you’ll find the most of them. You also can’t buy a map of where they are, meaning you’ll have to search. They’re not vital to find but you’ll probably do treasure hunts and have to pass them up if you don’t have the skill. So instead of backtracking and having to remember where the safe is, it’s better just to crack it open the first time you see it.