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Anthem Enemy level scaling | How does it work?

There’s been some confusion over how the Anthem enemy level scaling system will work. Ahead of the game’s release on February 22, players are wondering if higher ranked enemies will tear newcomers apart if they don’t get Anthem straight away. Find out how BioWare has factored in enemy level scaling and whether enemies level up alongside you in Anthem with our guide.

Anthem enemy level scaling | How does it work?

anthem enemy level scaling rank system

There had been some trepidation from players about how Anthem enemy level scaling will work. By that, we mean gamers were curious about the amount of health enemies would have, and the damage they would deal, depending on your own freelancer’s rank. For instance, some players have been worried that they’d be destroyed by a level 30 enemy if they are only level 15.

However, Ben Irving, Anthem‘s lead producer, has moved to quell those concerns. In a tweet replying to one fan, Irving explained that the Anthem enemy level scaling would be equal to that of your pilot. That means that, if your current rank is level 20, enemies would be level 20 as well. They would have health, shields, and damage stats that aren’t too high or low for you to be concerned with.

Anthem enemy level scaling | How does it affect new players?

anthem enemy level scaling new players

Another issue that’s popped up is if a friend picks the game up later on. For example, you could be a level 30 pilot and you’re trying to help your level 10 friend to rank up faster. You would expect that enemies would be level 30 then, as you’re the highest ranked player and so they would scale up to you.

Not so, according to Irving. In another tweet, he explained that relative health and damage are factored in for such occasions. That means that your rank 10 friend would fight level 10 enemies, and you would fight rank 30 ones. This ensures that the Anthem enemy level scaling is kept consistent depending on your individual rank.