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Pokemon Go Snapshot mode | What is Pokemon Go Snap?

Niantic has revealed that a Pokemon Go Snapshot mode is coming to its popular game. The feature will allow players to take photographs of their favorite Pokemon, and share images with friends. Find out what Pokemon Go Snapshot mode is, how to use it, and how to share your images online.

What is Pokemon Go Snapshot?

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Announced to the world via the official Pokemon Go Twitter account, Niantic explained what Snapshot mode is. In simple terms, it lets players take photographs of Pokemon — as long as they are in your Pokemon storage vault — using the real world as a background.

You can take as many pictures as you want during any gameplay sessions using Pokemon Go Snapshot. Once you’ve finished getting that perfect photograph to show everyone, every single image is saved to your phone automatically.

How to use Pokemon Go Snapshot

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So you’ve downloaded the patch, and you want to know how to use Snapshot mode. Head to your Pokedex or storage vault and pick a Pokemon that you want to photograph, and click on them. There will be an option to take a picture of them there. Alternatively, you can select the camera from your bag of items to immediately bring up the Pokemon Go Snapshot feature, and then pick a Pokemon.

Once your Pokemon has been picked, throw its Poke Ball onto the screen so that it stands in place in the real world using the game’s AR function. Once your Pokemon is in the right spot, you can move around it to get the best angle.

If your Pokemon looks away or gets distracted, simply brush your finger across the screen to get it to look at you. Tap the screen to take as many images as you want.

How to share Pokemon Go Snapshot images online

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If you want to share your photographs on social media, you can. Pick the channel you want to upload the image to, pick the photograph you want, and follow the on-screen instructions to upload it. You can use the #GoSnapshot hashtag to share it with Niantic too, if you wish.