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All Apex Legends Nessy Locations | How to activate giant creature Easter egg

Since Apex Legends released last week, most areas of the map have been looted hundreds of times, but secrets still remain hidden in the map. The first Apex Legends Easter egg has now been uncovered, after players investigated the mysterious message on-screen that read “A Nessy Appears.” The Nessy (or Nessie) Easter egg revolves around ten different objects located on the map, which eventually reveal a hidden Apex Legends giant creature when each one is destroyed in a particular order. Read on to find out all Apex Legends Nessy locations, and unlock the mysterious Easter egg on the map.

All Apex Legends Nessy Locations | How to activate giant creature Easter egg

All Apex Legends Nessy Locations

The process of unlocking the giant creature needs to be completed in a single round, which can make finding all ten Nessy locations difficult. At each location originally found by YouTuber MLozada, you will need to find a small green figure of Nessy, which resemble the Loch Ness monster that these Easter eggs are based on. Each one needs to be destroyed with rounds from your weapon, as melee attacks won’t destroy them, in the order 1-10 shown on the map above. To make things more difficult, each Nessy figure will only spawn once the previous figures in the order are destroyed, making it difficult to locate them in advance.

Once this is completed at the final location of the Swamps, the giant creature will finally be revealed in the water to the east of this location. While you’ll likely be caught taking damage from the circle by this point, you will hear Nessy rise out of the water, clearly resembling the Loch Ness monster on which it was based. While there does not seem to be any gameplay or cosmetic reward as yet for unlocking the giant creature, it’s still a fun challenge harking back to the Nessie Easter egg in Titanfall 2.

All Apex Legends Nessy Locations | Individual Nessy figure locations

All Apex Legends Nessy locations

The first Nessy figure can be found to the North of the Cascades, hiding in shallow water behind one of the tall rocks, and opposite the largest structure in the Cascades. Next, travel to Skulltown, and find the second Nessy figure by the Respawn Beacon just to the East on the map. The third figure is located in the rivers of slum lake, underneath the sewage pipes to the West of the buildings. On to number four, the next figure is much easier to find by the waterfall at Relay, while a teammate should go to find the fifth Nessy figure in the North-Western reservoir at the Water Treatment facility. The sixth figure is then nearby three loot bins to the East of Runoff, more specifically a dozen paces slightly South of these loot bins.

Moving on near to the Wetlands, you can find the seventh Nessy figure directly underneath a waterfall to the East of this area. Then, traveling South to the Swamps, the eighth Nessy figure is half-submerged in the flooded building marked on the map above. Another teammate can find number nine South-East of the Bunker, in a pond just next to the marked building. Finally, the player in the Swamps can locate the tenth and final figure by a rock near the edge of the map, before the real Nessy appears in the sea past this location.

All Apex Legends Nessy Locations | Tips to find the Nessy Easter eggs

All Apex Legends Nessy Locations

YouTuber Drift0r was lucky enough to unlock the giant figure seen above, but finding and destroying each of these Nessy figures can be an incredibly difficult process. Not only do you have to swiftly travel between each area, but you also have to survive against enemy squads and the quickly encroaching circle. If you follow our advice, you’ll have the best chances of unlocking the Nessy Easter egg in Apex Legends. As shown on the map above, these ten locations are spread out across long distances, so a good plan is essential to complete the challenge.

First, you’ll need to work with a full squad of three characters; by yourself, this challenge will be far greater, so group up with some likeminded Easter egg hunters. You should try to prioritize characters with speed advantages; we recommend Pathfinder, Wraith, and Bloodhound, as they all have abilities to help you cross long distances more quickly. Communication is equally essential, as each object has to be destroyed in a particular order. Likewise, try not to engage with enemy squads, as you won’t survive long without the assistance of your teammates.