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Apex Legends Voice Chat Not Working on Xbox One | How to fix

Despite how fun Apex Legends is, there always appear to be bug reports online over specific glitches, including the Apex Legends Xbox One voice chat not working issue. It seems as though a post-launch update has rendered Apex Legends Xbox voice chat unusable for many. We’ve seen plenty of people complaining that they can’t hear players on Xbox One while playing Apex Legends.

That’s where we come in. Read on for several fixes for your Xbox One Apex Legends voice chat woes and if EA or Respawn is going to fix the issue.

Apex Legends Xbox One Voice Chat Not Working | What’s the issue?

Apex Legends Xbox One Voice Chat Not Working

Plenty of Apex Legends players on Xbox One has been complaining that the in-game voice chat system simply doesn’t work. There have been reports of players not being able to hear their teammates, no matter what headset they are using. What makes the bug odd, however, is that some people have claimed that their teammates can hear them, even though the speaker can’t hear their teammates.

What makes things worse, is that no matter what troubleshooting guides or settings players go through, the voice chat issue doesn’t go away. Don’t fret, however, as there are a handful of fixes for the problem.

Apex Legends Xbox One Voice Chat Not Working | How to fix

Apex Legends Xbox One Voice Chat Not Working

The good news is that there are a number of ways in which you can fix the issue, but none of them as of writing will fully fix the in-game bug. EA and Respawn are aware of the Apex Legends voice chat not working on Xbox One issue, but neither company has provided an official patch or fix as of yet. Thankfully, you can fix it to some extent.

If you find that voice chat isn’t working in-game, you can always set up an Xbox Party Chat. This will prove difficult when you’re not playing with friends, however. The same can be said about setting up chats via Discord, Teamspeak, or just simply using your phones to talk to one another. All of these methods will allow you to use voice chat in Apex Legends, but it won’t fix the game’s bug. That’s up to Respawn and EA. Keep your eyes peeled on the official bug reports forum for updates.