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Battlefield 5 Lightning Strikes Patch notes | Combined Arms co-op mode added

While Battlefield 5 has had a rather rough time of it since launching a few months ago, you can’t accuse developer DICE of skimping on the content patches. The latest update for the game adds the new Combined Arms co-op mode, sets things up for the return of the fan-favorite Rush mode, and that’s even before we take into account the fact that the Battlefield 5 Firestorm battle royale mode launches next month. For now though, we’ve got the key Battlefield 5 Lightning Strikes patch notes below, with all the details on Tides of War Chapter 2.

Battlefield 5 Lightning Strikes Patch notes | Combined Arms co-op mode

The biggest addition in the new Lightning Strikes patch is undoubtedly the new game mode, Combined Arms, which is four-player PvE co-op. You can play it solo or with less than four players, but there currently aren’t any AI allies. Players take on AI enemies across eight missions behind enemy lines, with four different objectives across four maps. Progress made in Combined Arms will count towards your progress, including in that Tides of War chapter.

Battlefield 5 Lightning Strikes Patch notes | Rush game mode coming

While not playable until March 7, the Lightning Strikes update also sets up the return of the fan favorite Rush mode, seen in multiple Battlefield games from Bad Company (where it was known as Gold Rush, which gives you a clue as to what it’s about) all the way up to Battlefield 1. Teams are split into attackers and defenders, and the objective for the attackers is to arm and destroy a location with an explosive charge. This mode is now added to Battlefield 5 in the latest patch, although as we said, it’s not playable until next month.

You can head here to check out a document with all the bug fixes and updates to the Battlefield 5 experience added in the new patch, if you’re interested.