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Far Cry New Dawn Dog Partner Location | How to find your dog buddy Timber

Far Cry New Dawn is out now, and like the previous game in the series Far Cry 5 there are a load of AI partners you can team up with to take down the vicious Highwaymen clan. However, like in every game ever where it’s an option, you’ll almost certainly ignore all the human allies and instead choose to take the dog companion with you. First, of course, you’ll need the Far Cry New Dawn dog partner location.

Your friendly canine companion for Far Cry New Dawn is Timber, and he’s possibly the most useful Gun for Hire friend you can have in the game. His location is fairly easy to get to, but of course first you’ll have to know exactly where it is, and there’s a puzzle to solve before he’ll team up with you. We’ve got all the details on Timber, including how and where to get him, and why he’s truly man’s best friend.

Who is Timber?

Far Cry New Dawn Dog Partner Location timber

There are 8 Guns for Hire you can ally yourself with in Far Cry New Dawn, and you can see them in the Roster page on your character menu right from the start, but you’ll have to find them and complete their quest to get them. All these allies have specific abilities that can help you out, but just like in Far Cry 5, you can only have one character with you at a time. There are two animal partners in the game. Horatio the boar you’ll probably get to later, but Timber the dog you’ll want to get straight away. He’s a scout, and he’s got multiple excellent and vital abilities. But first, let’s get him.

Far Cry New Dawn dog partner location – Where is Timber?

Far Cry New Dawn Dog Partner Location map

To unlock Timber, you’ll have to head to the location above, which is charmingly called the Meatfort (and for dog lovers, we’re sorry to say you might not like what you find there). As you head north from Prosperity you’ll hit the river, then head north-east. It’s almost directly east of the Broken Forge enemy Outpost, if you hit that first. If you liberate that and talk to the information gatherer there (or just one on the road) you may even get the location marked on your map.

How to get Timber, your best friend

Far Cry New Dawn Dog Partner Location how to get

When you get to the Meatfort, you’ll notice a load of cages and some rather horrifying sounds coming from inside. Be aware that there’s some tough Highwaymen enemies inside, so try and sneak in and do a Takedown on them, if you’ve unlocked that. Otherwise, just rain death upon them. They deserve it, since it’s very obvious they’re caging and killing dogs for meat. If you weren’t angry at the Highwaymen for killing your friends, you’ll definitely have a grudge against them after seeing the Meatfort.

You’ll find Timber in the room on the left along with a load of other caged dogs, although they’re behind locked cages. You probably don’t have the lockpicking skill yet, and the key’s nowhere to be seen. Timber, unfortunately, will not join up with you until you’ve freed his fellow canines, which means you’ll have to find the key. A note pinned to the wall by the door mentions that a golden retriever swallowed it, but where’s it gone now?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to dig through dog poop, but you do have to do a bit of parkour. Timber will show you the general way from the ground, because he’s a great dog. Head in the room to the right of the butcher’s room and climb up, until you’re on the boxes outside. Jump across to the cages. Now, you have to follow the line of cages around until you get on top of the one Timber’s showing you (see picture above). There’s a hole here, so drop down, and you’ll find the remains of the poor dog who swallowed the key. Pick up the key, now head back around all the cages and free all the dogs. You may now pet Timber, because he’s your friend for life now.

What can Timber do?

Far Cry New Dawn Dog Partner Location abilities

Timber is arguably the most useful ally in the game, because he automatically tags all enemies nearby without you having to do so. If you’re using stealth he’s absolutely essential. He’ll happily maul or distract enemies, and sometimes will outright rip the gun out of an enemy’s hands and bring it to you. Once he’s killed 15 enemies he’ll also tag crafting materials (useful for uncovering secrets and clearing locations of items) and alarms. After 40 kills, any animals trying to attack you will have to get by him. He really is a good boy.