Box art - Far Cry: New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn Splinter Cell Gear location

The Far Cry New Dawn Splinter Cell crossover just had to happen. And it does happen in one of the game’s expedition missions. But it not just a cheeky crossover. You can grab Sam Fisher’s suit as well as the Paladin’s Secret trophy/achievement. It isn’t too hard to find but with some guidance, you should be able to find the Far Cry New Dawn Splinter Cell Easter egg.

Far Cry New Dawn Splinter Cell Gear location | How to get it

First, you’ll need to have unlocked the Government Plane Wreck expedition. This is the fifth one you unlock from Roger Cadoret, that pilot with a French Canadian accent, meaning you’ll need to do the prior four missions before you can head to the crashed plane.

Far Cry New Dawn Splinter Cell Gear

You don’t always start in the same area for expeditions but the core route should be the same. Go to the big plane in the center of the map. Go in through the landing bay in the back. You can see this is where the plane got torn in half.

far cry new dawn splinter cell

Walk into the ship and you’ll see a table with a huge screen on the wall. You can interact with the table to see the mission menu from Splinter Cell Blacklist for a brief moment as it fades away. Quick viewers will also see that it says “Imminent Nuclear Threat,” a call-out to the ending of Far Cry 5.

Far Cry New Dawn Splinter Cell Gear

Look into the ship. There are two paths up from here. If you go through the door on the right, you’ll have to climb up through a small ledge on the left of the entrance to that room. If you go to the door on the left, you can just take the stairs, which is shown in the above pic. Here, you’ll be able to see the suit itself because it is hard to miss in the small room. Just walk up to and hold the interact button down to claim your stealthy reward. It’ll net you gloves, a torso piece, pants, and his iconic night vision goggles. Hopefully, Fisher is just letting you borrow them.

Keep in mind that enemy placements are randomized on the third tier of difficulty so you may need to shoot some people along the way to get to your prize. There’s also a chance that the package itself will be in the same room.