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Apex Legends Total Wins | How to see number of wins

More than a week after Apex Legends released, more players than ever are boasting massive kill counts and handfuls of wins in their character badges. However, while some players choose to specialize in a single character, most have spread their wins and kill counts across multiple characters. Here lies the problem, as your Apex Legends total wins across every character can be difficult to find in the game’s menus. Want to show off your total Apex Legends wins to your friends? Read on to find out how to see number of wins.

Apex Legends Total Wins | How to see number of wins

Apex Legends Total Wins

It’s not clear why Respawn currently doesn’t have your total number of wins available in their menus, but if you follow this guide, you can work out your total number of wins from the Legends menu. From Apex Legends home screen, navigate to the Legends tab, and here you can view the purchasable badges available for each of the characters. Scrolling through the list of badges that you can unlock and equip to your character profile, you can see your wins as a full squad per character, and your winning kills per character. From here, if you want to work out your total number of wins in Apex Legends, you’ll have to merge these figures from across all eight characters.

There is currently no easy method of working out your total number of wins in Apex Legends, but this method can calculate this figure in most cases. You need to go through all eight characters adding up your wins as a full squad, or your total number of winning kills, to get an estimate. However, this does not factor in any wins as a partial squad that you didn’t get the final kill for, so it won’t be accurate 100 percent of the time. If you’re hoping to showcase your wins, we would recommend screencapping your victory screen to share, at least until Respawn introduces a full wins counter to Apex Legends.