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Anthem Sound Cuts Out | How to fix no audio bug

One of the most annoying bugs seen during the beta test, the Anthem sound cuts out bug, has unfortunately made its way into the full game. Despite the beta being used to identify many bugs and other technical issues, clearly this no audio bug managed to escape the squashing. Losing audio, seemingly at random moments, is incredibly frustrating as Anthem can’t be paused and sound is obviously needed to fully enjoy the game. While it’s a shame that this problem still exists, we do at least have an Anthem sound cuts out fix for you. This fix is more of a workaround until BioWare can permanently eradicate the bug from the game.

Anthem sound cuts out fix

anthem sound cuts out

So what exactly is the Anthem sound cuts out fix? Well, you might have noticed that while Anthem becomes totally silent, other PC sounds can still be heard. So you know for certain that it’s the game and not your speakers that are causing the issue here.

Tweaking the in-game audio options is unfortunately not going to fix this issue. I’ve personally tried the Surround and Stereo options and found that the game became muted on both settings.

The only current way around this pesky bug is to reboot the game. Head to the Settings menu and hit “Exit Anthem.” This will take you back to the Windows desktop, where you can reboot the game and begin enjoying the in-game audio once again.

BioWare has confirmed that it knows the sound cuts out issue exists, and is planning a day 1 patch to help fix the issue. Anthem‘s lead producer, Michael Gamble, wrote the following on Twitter:

“We have improved audio performance and fixed a lot of bugs since the demo – unfortunately there are still instances of total audio dropout occurring which will require a restart. We have a significant fix for this issue that will be deployed in the day 1 patch. We are also working closely with Frostbite audio to address any possible remaining causes.

“The issue seems to occur most often in heavy four player firefights in certain conditions, but it’s very difficult to trap, and therefore reproduce to solve.”