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Anthem Loading Screens | Can you speed up long loading times?

Anthem loading screens are a common occurrence within the game, popping up whenever players move from the Forge to the Fort hub area, or out into the open world. They also appear when a player has to spawn closer to teammates, even if they are just few seconds ahead. If you’re getting sick of the loading screens in Anthem, you may be wondering “can you speed up Anthem long loading times?” If there is a way to speed up the Anthem loading screens, then players would spend less time sitting about waiting, and more time actually enjoying the fast, mech-fuelled gameplay. Here’s what you need to know about a potential Anthem loading screens fix.

Why are Anthem loading screens so long?

Anthem Loading Screens

The Anthem loading screens really can take up a lot of time. Even on my personal PC with the game installed to a fast SSD, it can take a noticeable amount of seconds to go from the Fort home area to the open world. Compared to other great-looking AAA games installed on an SSD like this, Anthem‘s load times are a little ridiculous. This makes me believe that there is also matchmaking and other online connectivity going on in the background.

Can you speed up Anthem loading screens?

To help players speed up Anthem loading screens, I’d normally be recommending a faster drive to load the game assets more quickly. Sure, installing the game to an SSD instead of a HDD will increase load performance in some ways, but it’s difficult to say whether it would be a significant enough boost.

It’s also possible that there is some kind of connection being communicated from your system to the Anthem servers, which could be hindered by poor internet. More reliable internet can often help in scenarios such as this.

My hope is that BioWare makes an effort to tackle these long Anthem load times, hopefully in an upcoming patch.