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Is Anthem Single-Player? | Is there multiplayer?

Is Anthem single-player?” might seem like a silly question for those who have been following the game since its reveal, watching all of the trailers and taking part in the beta tests, but for less hardcore gamers, the answer isn’t so obvious. If you’ve just heard about Anthem and you’re wondering whether or not it has multiplayer, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you need to know about how many players Anthem supports, and which parts of the game are single-player.

Is Anthem single-player?

is anthem single-player

When you first start Anthem, you’re forced into a single-player introduction. This acts as a prologue to the events of the main game, while simultaneously offering a tutorial on how movement and combat works. When the prologue is complete, another single-player only mission will automatically start. Completing this takes players back to the Fort, the home area that is unique and only accessible to the player. No other players can get into the Fort.

While the initial part of the game is indeed single-player, completing the intro enables the Invite and Join Friends functions. Heading out into the open world will also have you encountering other players. In addition to this, all missions in the game are playable as a four-player party, with matchmaking enabled by default. (Note that you can play missions in single-player “Private” mode, but the developers do not recommend it.)

Is there multiplayer in Anthem?

is anthem single-player

As touched on above, yes there is multiplayer in Anthem. There are many ways of experiencing PvE content within the game. However, at the time of writing, there aren’t yet any PvP, competitive multiplayer modes. It remains to be seen whether or not BioWare plans to add this in the future. For now, the multiplayer experience is purely co-operative, with friends and strangers helping to assist one another in completing the various missions and challenges.