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Anthem Titan Tips | Easy way to kill Titan boss

So, you’ve had a traumatizing run-in with one of the big beasties, have you? And now you’ve come searching for some Anthem Titan tips? That’s completely understandable, as the Titan is capable of withstanding a huge amount of damage, while also being incredibly devastating with various physical and special moves. Thankfully, there are some key weaknesses that make the Titan easy to take down. For a squad in the know, a Titan will only last a few seconds. Here is the easy way to kill the Titan in Anthem.

Anthem Titan Tips | Easy way to kill Titan boss

Anthem Titan Tips

In its normal form, the Anthem looks completely solid and impenetrable. Most of its body is covered in rock-hard scales which prevent normal ammo from doing any damage. Ultimates can deal a bit of damage to the Titan when he’s in this form, but we’d recommend waiting for his weakness to show.

You’re looking for the time when the Titan attacks, during which his scales open up and reveal an orange glowing skin. Hitting any of these orange parts will deal significant damage, however aiming for his back and chest seems to dish out the most hurt. Of course, while he’s vulnerable, he’s also going to be attacking, so make sure you are dodging and don’t get too greedy. Retreating and living to fight for another round, is better than being one-hit killed because you wanted that extra few points of damage.

As his health starts to lower, the Titan will begin using area-of-effect moves which players will need to dodge. These can be incredibly devastating to a squad, as they have a burn elemental effect. Ensure that you are ready to boost away and underneath the waves as they come towards you.

Keep shooting at his weak spots, while dodging the smaller enemies, and you should slay the Titan in no time at all.