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Anthem Treasure Chest Locations Map | Open 15 Treasure Chests guide

Hunting down Anthem Treasure Chests locations is a requirement of the main storyline, which means every single player who wants to finish the game has to first find 15 Treasure Chests for the Tombs of Legionnaires mission. This is made even tougher by the lack of hints that the game gives you towards how exactly Treasure Chests are earned. There is no easy way to track them or locate them from the map. You’ve got to either hunt them (with the Anthem Treasure Chest locations map below) or hope that you earn them through open world activities. Though it’s certainly possible to eventually open 15 Treasure Chests by grinding normally, some of you may want the shortcut to continue the storyline as quickly as possible. This is totally understandable, and that’s why this guide exists. Feast your eyes on the map below!

Anthem Treasure Chest Locations Map

anthem treasure chest locations

We’ve put together a map of the Anthem Treasure Chests that spawn in the starting area. You shouldn’t have to travel too far from Fort Tarsis to find them. Simply head to the red dot and look for a glowing chest. Collect 15 of them and then it’s mission complete! (Do note that we picked up these chests in multiple runs, which could mean that they do not spawn 100 percent of the time. If you can’t find a chest, head to the next point and revisit later.)

Other Anthem Treasure Chest locations

Anthem Treasure Chest Locations

If you’re struggling to find the chests marked on the map (some of them are hidden well), then you will be happy to hear that Anthem Treasure Chests also drop during Freeplay events. Listen out for alerts from Owen and always go to the mission. Help out the Sentinels, take out the Dominion, and complete whatever else that pops up as you fly around, and you’ll be rewarded with a Treasure Chest. Combine this with the chests that do manage to find out in the wild, and you should soon get 15 out of 15.

Can more than one person open a Treasure Chest?

anthem treasure chest locations

At the time of writing, only the person who holds the “Open” button will have the Treasure Chest registered for the Tombs of Legionnaires mission. This means that you will need to race to be person to open the chest, otherwise it won’t count. Here’s hoping Respawn Entertainment allows multiple people to open a chest in a future update. For now, we recommend tackling this challenge alone.