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Anthem Day 1 Update Patch Notes

Though the game is already available to play for those on PC and Xbox One, through the use of EA Access and Origin Access, Anthem‘s true launch date is February 22. This is when the launch day update will be rolled out and available to download and install across all platforms (including PS4). If you’re looking forward to more fixes to performance, bugs, and more, but are finding it difficult to wait until launch time, don’t worry, as the game’s lead producer, Michael Gamble, has already detailed many of the Anthem Day 1 patch notes on social media. This is what you can expect from the launch day patch.

Anthem Day 1 Patch Notes | Launch Day Update

Anthem Day 1 Patch Notes

The Anthem Day 1 patch notes have been detailed in a series of tweets by the game’s lead producer, Michael Gamble. As players have been tweeting various bugs and problems to him, he has been responding with information about upcoming fixes.

  • Getting shot by invisible people. This is streaming related. Especially on slower/full hard drives. Patch makes it much better.
  • Crashes/disconnects when talking to people in Fort. This is faction point related. Fixed
  • Loading screens rarely not completing. More fixes there.
  • Audio disappearing:

“We have improved audio performance and fixed a lot of bugs since the demo – unfortunately there are still instances of total audio dropout occurring which will require a restart. We have a significant fix for this issue that will be deployed in the Day 1 patch. We are also working closely with Frostbite audio to address any possible remaining causes.

“The issue seems to occur most often in heavy four player firefights in certain conditions, but it’s very difficult to trap, and therefore reproduce to solve.”

  • Opening chests (counting challenges) will have a large radius. If anyone in your squad opens it, you should get credit for the open.
  • Fixed an issue where some folks said they had completed all of the trials but couldn’t get into the tomb
  • Xbox settings not being saved for some folks is fixed
  • Performance on ALL platforms will continue upward. Smoother frame rate, fixed hitches. Etc
  • Day 1 patch has some optimization for 5400/7200 rpm and/or fragmented drives.

Anthem Day 1 Patch Notes | Colossus improvements

Anthem Day One patch notes colossus

The official Anthem day one patch notes got sent out and are now available to view, and they detail further exciting changes to the game coming on February 22, the official “day one” for Anthem. The change that has many fans excited is a simple update for the Colossus Javelin, which will allow players to use shield and revive downed players at the same time. This is potentially a game-changer, since one of the biggest worries in any game with a revive mechanic is how vulnerable reviving a downed player makes you. With shield on that’ll no longer be an issue for Colossus players, and will be even more dramatic if team-based PvP gets introduced. The Colossus will also now be able to activate its shield ability much quicker.

Anthem Day 1 Patch Notes | Loading times are faster

While Michael Gamble mentioned loading screens, specifically the rare error where players would get stuck on loading screens, or the “infinite loading screens” bug, probably the most welcome addition to Anthem in the day one patch is quite simply that actual loading times will be “improved.” The loading times for Anthem have been notorious, with over-long screens between every significant activity, including the customization Forge screen and simply catching up with other teammates on a mission. It was our hope that BioWare would do something about these loading times sooner rather than later, and it seems we’ll get our wish. We’ll find out after the day one patch how much it affects the game.

Additionally, there’s a long list of bug-fixes and general improvements in the notes. The glitch that sent low-level players into the hardest mission in the game has now been sorted, and a number of server disconnections and crashes have been fixed too. There’s also some helpful additions, such as the final bosses in Strongholds now actually dropping loot for players to pick up, rather than it just showing up on the “end of expedition” screen, where it could mean anything.

These changes are all very welcome, but of course BioWare will undoubtedly be working on further patches for issues as they arise. The day one patch will drop this Friday, February 22.