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Apex Legends New Character leak | What new characters were in the datamine?

Apex Legends was a surprise release that’s quickly risen to become one of the most popular games around, and players are eagerly awaiting new content for the game, which is supposed to include new characters. A datamine has revealed hints about a new Survival Mode coming soon, but there’s also a list of potential new legends coming to the game in the Apex Legends new character leak.

The roadmap for the game in the Apex Legends “deep dive” trailer clearly shows that new heroes will be coming to the game over 2019, whenever developer Respawn begins its various seasons. Season 1 starts in March, and will bring new loot, new weapons, and new legends to play as. Does this datamined list show all the planned new characters coming this year? Do we know about any of their abilities yet? Are any of the names familiar? We’ve got the answers.

Who are the Apex Legends new character leaks?

Altogether there are 10 new Apex Legends characters who have been revealed in the datamine. This is a significant amount, considering the game only launched with eight legends, and two of those are locked when you start. This could be the entire new character list for all four seasons in 2019, if we assume there are 2-3 new legends released every season. That seems quite generous, and is comparable to how often fellow hero-shooter Overwatch releases new heroes.

As leaked on the Twitter feed Apex Legends Leaks and News (@ApexLeaksNews), here are the 10 new legends they discovered in a datamine:

  1. Crypto
  2. Husaria
  3. Jericho
  4. Nomad
  5. Octane
  6. Prophet
  7. Rampart
  8. Rosie
  9. Skunner
  10. Wattson

Do we know any of their abilities?

Another Apex Legends fan Twitter feed with the similar-sounding name of Apex Legends News and Leaks (@RealApexLeaks) corroborated at least a couple of the names on the datamined list: Wattson and Octane. They were spotted in another area of the datamine, and actually had two of their unique powers listed.

Wattson apparently has an ability called a Tesla Trap, which along with the character’s name having the word “watt” in it suggests that this particular legend is some sort of electricity expert. Octane, on the other hand, has a power-up simply called a Stim, which is usually short for stimulant, meaning they can push themselves harder and faster. As both abilities sound like useable items, they’re presumably each characters’ tactical ability. They certainly don’t sound impressive enough to an ultimate ability.

Why are Prophet and Nomad so familiar?

The first thing most fans would be looking for in this list of new legends are any hints of familiar characters, the way that Quake Champions recently brought in the Death Knight from Quake 1, or how Heroes of the Storm regularly brings in characters from Overwatch. The most obvious names to look out for are any cameo appearances from the Titanfall games, as Apex Legends is supposed to be part of that universe, but at the moment none of the characters on the leaked list match up with anyone from Titanfall 1 or 2. Expect MacAllan or Sarah to show up at some point, though.

However, two names on the list do raise an eyebrow: Prophet and Nomad. Individually they’d just be cool names, but the fact that they’re both on this list is either real coincidence or something more. If you don’t know them, they’re the two main player characters of the Crysis series. Crysis is an FPS series developed by Crytek, the creators of Far Cry and Hunt: Showdown, and notably, is published by EA, just like Apex Legends. Nomad was the player character in Crysis, and Prophet took over for Crysis 2 and 3. The enhanced Nanosuit would make a fun addition to Apex Legends, but we wonder why Respawn would pick a series that hasn’t had an entry in six years to take characters from. Unless of course, it’s merely a coincidence.

Are the leaks legitimate?

They’re certainly as legitimate as datamined information can get, which is to say that they cannot be confirmed at all. It adds to the legitimacy, however, that two Twitter Apex Legends leak feeds independently confirmed at least two of the names: Wattson and Octane, so they may possibly be the legends who are being added to the game in the Season 1 update next month. Take all of this with a pinch of salt, however.