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Replay Anthem Contracts | How to complete 25 Contracts

Anthem Contracts are missions given to the player by Agents. As you progress through the story, you’ll encounter different faction Agents that will offer various Contracts. These are very similar to standard missions, but come under a different list in the Journal menu. During the endgame, players are required to complete 25 Contracts as part of the Challenge of Valor. As there aren’t 25 individual Contracts in the game, players will need to replay them in order to complete the challenge and progress. Unfortunately, BioWare has made it a little tricky to work out how to replay Anthem contracts. While “Missions” and “Strongholds” can simply be selected from the map screen, Contracts have to be reselected. Here’s what you need to know about replaying contracts in Anthem and how to complete 25 Contracts.

How to replay contracts in Anthem

Replay Anthem Contracts

Unfortunately, replaying Contracts in Anthem requires frequent trips back and forth from the Fort to the map. Instead of matchmaking for Contracts, players need to go into the Fort and claim a Contract from the Faction Board. It will then be available for selection on the map screen.

Hopefully the ability to Quickplay for Contracts, without having to keep heading back to the Fort, will soon be added to the game, as this would reduce the downtime between the mission grind.

How to complete 25 Contracts

Replay Anthem Contracts

In order to complete the Challenge of Valor mission that requires you to finish 25 Contracts, you’ll need to dedicate a decent chunk of time to replaying the same missions over and over again. On the bright side, as the missions do repeat, you should be able to master the objectives and get quicker in your run-throughs. Get into a nice rhythm with decent weapons on Easy mode, and you should have it done in no time. (Yes, Easy mode does still count!)