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Are Black Ops 4 Reserve Crates Worth It? | Should I buy Call of Duty loot boxes?

As part of the Black Ops 4 Operation Grand Heist event starting this week, you can now buy Reserve Crates to unlock cosmetic items in the game. These are Treyarch’s version of loot boxes, which can be bought with real money, coming out at about $1.99 for a single crate of three random cosmetic items. The Black Ops 4 Reserve Crates include three Reserve Cases, which can be earned through gameplay, but the purchasable loot crates are a much faster way to get rarer items. Read on to answer the question should I buy Call of Duty loot boxes?

Are Black Ops 4 Reserve Crates Worth It? | Should I buy Call of Duty loot boxes?

Black Ops 4 reserve crates

Operation Grand Heist released yesterday for any PS4 players, which means that the Black Ops 4 Reserve Crates aren’t yet live for players on Xbox One and PC. A single Reserve Crate costs 200 CoD Points, which can be bought for $1.99, and contains three Reserve Cases. Each case gives you a chance to unlock a warpaint or weapon skin from the full game, potentially from the new Black Market tier of rarity. There’s currently no option to buy the Reserve Cases individually, nor to buy the Reserve Crates in bulk.

As such, if you’re hoping to invest in some of these loot boxes, then consider purchasing a larger denomination of CoD Points at the discounted prices. You can unlock individual Reserve Cases through gameplay, which gives you a slower output of cosmetic items, and purchasing a Reserve Crate doesn’t seem to guarantee any consistently rare items. However, if you’re enjoying the game but aren’t keen on grinding to unlock these cosmetic items, then overall the Reserve Crates might be worth your consideration. You can always try your luck with Reserve Crates, and return to the grinding once you’re content with your rewards.