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Anthem Missing Voices | Characters not speaking fix

Out now on Xbox One, PC, and PS4, Anthem features a fair number of bugs and glitches (as you’d expect from a large online game). One such bug is the Anthem missing voices error. If you have come across an NPC that won’t let you speak to them, you know how annoying this error is. Read on to discover the Anthem missing voices error fix.

Anthem Missing Voices | What is the characters not speaking bug?

Anthem Missing Voices

While playing Anthem in its hub world (Fort Tarsis), you may notice that you can’t speak to characters that you should be able to. Infuriatingly, these will be characters that you are meant to talk to. This means that NPCs with quests for you won’t be able to give them to you. You won’t be able to go over to them and press the button to talk, because the message to talk to them simply won’t be there.

It’s a more than annoying bug as it means you can’t progress the game when you should be able to. Thankfully, there is a fix out there if you have encountered this issue in Anthem. Read on to discover how to fix the characters not speaking bug.

Anthem Missing Voices error fix

Anthem Missing Voices

Unfortunately, the fix we’re about to suggest isn’t an official one. It has worked for us, however, so it should work for you too. If you are encountering an NPC that won’t let you speak to them simply try exiting the game and reloading into Fort Tarsis. Once you are back to the same character that wasn’t speaking before, they should be speaking now. If not, try exiting and reloading in again. If it still doesn’t work, try heading onto the official Anthem support forums to try and raise Bioware and EA’s attention.

While this is a fix that should work, hopefully, EA and Bioware can fix the issue via a patch so it doesn’t happen in the first place. Fingers crossed.