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Anthem Only Finding Level 36 Loot | How do I get loot higher than 36?

If you’ve been busy playing your way through Anthem, pushing yourself through the grind to the level cap of 30, then you’ve likely found yourself hitting another limit, with you only finding level 36 loot. For some reason, every Epic item you pick up is now level 36 and refuses to increase. If this is happening to you, and you’re asking yourself “How do I get loot higher than 36?” in Anthem, then you’re going to want to read our guide and get informed about the max Epic loot power cap, as well as Masterwork and Legendary items, and how they can help you carry on ranking up.

Why am I only finding Level 36 loot in Anthem?

Anthem Only Finding Level 36 Loot

It’s easy to become frustrated when loot continues to drop at level 36, with no clear reason why. If you’ve gotten used to steadily increasing your Javelin power level with more powerful loot, then suddenly hitting the 36 cap can be a bit jarring. With no explanation as to why you are suddenly limited to a max 396 Javelin power level (11 components at 36 each), despite the Grandmaster difficulties recommending 500+ Javelin power levels, it can all become a bit confusing.

Epic loot remains at level 36 because that is its current cap. You won’t be finding any purple loot that is above 36 in power. Instead, you’ll be needing to hunt down Masterwork and Legendary items. This is the new grind for you to chase.

How to get above Anthem Javelin level 396

Anthem Only Finding Level 36 Loot

As mentioned above, 396 is the maximum Javelin power level for those with 11 Epic components. To get above Anthem Javelin level 396, players are then required to start hunting down Masterwork and Legendary items. If you’ve been playing the game on Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulties, now is the time to dive into Grandmaster.

Grandmaster 1 offers a decent chance at getting a Masterwork item, Grandmaster 2 odds are slightly better, and Grandmaster 3 is better still. Of course, these modes get significantly more difficult the higher you go.