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Best Anthem Builds | Best Ranger, Colossus, Storm, Interceptor Loadouts

The best Anthem builds are those that allow you to enter Grandmaster difficulties and lay waste to entire waves of enemies. Without the optimal build, you can really struggle on the more difficult levels. Getting the perfect build — whether that be for Ranger, Colossus, Storm, or Interceptor — can make the difference between your squad wiping out, and you coming out victorious. Equipping the perfect items to maximize combo potential is key to efficient synergy, especially when working with like-minded squadmates. At the time of writing and within the current build of the game, these are the best Anthem builds.

Anthem Best Ranger Build

Best Anthem Builds

Grenade Gear

Frost Grenade (Ice Primer)

Ice is the best elemental effect right now, freezing enemies in place and allowing for an easy follow-up attack. Combining this will Pulse Blast allows the Ranger to be a threat when alone, and a great asset in co-operative combat.

Assault Launcher Gear

Pulse Blast (Impact Detonator)

This allows you to penetrate enemy shields, which is a unique strength of the Ranger.


Shock Mace (Electric Primer)

Do note how the Ranger’s melee is a Primer. Getting up close and personal can be very risky, so only do it when you can ensure you’ll get back out alive. You don’t want to be downed next to a tough enemy where teammates are unlikely to be able to revive you.


Multi-Target Missile Battery (Blast Detonator)

At the time of writing, this does not appear to detonate properly. Be wary of trying to combo primed enemies with this move, as it may not work!

Combo Effect

Critical Target Damage – Large damage to detonated enemy.

Heavy damage against a single target is great for Legendary enemy variants and bosses. The Ranger build is therefore a great detonating class when going up against a lot of bulky enemies.

Support Gear

Muster Point

This is the only viable option right now, as Bulwark Point is so weak. Choose Muster Point until the other Support Gear gets a buff!

Anthem Best Colossus Build

Best Anthem Builds

Ordinance Launcher

Firewall Mortar (Fire Primer)

With no Ice elemental damage at this Javelin’s disposal, we instead turn to Fire. The Firewall Mortar is a fantastic Primer that combos excellently with the Railgun. Whether alone or with a squad, this combination can handle Grandmaster like a champ.

Heavy Assault Launcher

Railgun (Impact Detonator)

The Railgun is an incredibly satisfying Detonator. Pair with this with the Firewall Mortar Primer and you have one hell of a combo.


Heavy Smash (Impact Detonator)

If you’re in need on a Detonator that hits hard, perhaps to finish off a big enemy or group of enemies, go in hard with the Colossus’ melee. Jump before attacking for a more stylish finish.


Siege Cannon (Blast Detonator)

The Siege Cannon fires three powerful cannon blasts. These hit very hard. Ensure you combine this with a good Primer to achieve the maximum damage.

Combo Effect

AoE Explosion – Explosion which damages nearby enemies.

If you can trigger your combos when enemies are close together, you’ll earn some additional bonus damage.

Support Gear

Shield Pulse

On easier difficulties, Battle Cry is a nice option to try out. But ultimately, Shield Pulse is the way to go for Grandmaster 1 and above.

Anthem Best Storm Build

Best Anthem Builds

Blast Seals

Ice Blast (Ice Primer)

As Storm, ice is your best friend. The Ice Blast Primer is our choice here, but Ice Storm is also a good option. (If you have the Masterwork/Legendary variants of either of these choices, go with that!)

Focus Seals

Glacial Spear (Ice Detonator)

Comboing an ice Primer with an ice Detonator is currently incredibloy devastating. Fill your loadout with ice and freeze the enemy to allow for massive follow-up damage from you and your co-op friends.


Fiery Strike (Fire Detonator)

Though Storm is essentially a multi-elemental god, its melee attack is strictly Fire. As Storm Javelins will mostly be keeping their distance, it will be rare to see the melee attack used. However, if you do find yourself going in close for the kill, do note that this attack is a Detonator and not a Primer. Therefore, it can be good for a last-minute combo.


Elemental Storm (Multi-element Primer and Detonator)

The Storm Javelin has a unique Ultimate which covers Ice, Fire, and Electric damage, which includes both Primers and Detonators. This is a crazy move that will lead to combos popping off in every direction.

Combo Effect

AoE Spread – Spreads the elemental effect to nearby enemies.

Being able to spread elemental effects to multiple enemies is another huge advantage of the Storm Javelin. This will help deal with crowds and is particularly nice when focusing on a boss that is surrounding by smaller minions.

Support Seals

Quickening Field

Until buffs make Wind Wall viable at Grandmaster difficulties, Quickening Field is really the only way to go.

Anthem Best Interceptor Build

Best Anthem Builds

Assault Systems

Venom Bomb (Acid Primer)

The Interceptor Javelin is a tough class to master for Grandmaster difficulties, but can be incredibly fun for Easy, Normal, and Hard. If you’re playing high-level missions, go with Venom Bomb to set up combos for your allies. This acid Primer has a quick cooldown and has an almost immediate effect on enemies.

Strike Systems

Detonating Strike (Electric Primer)

Detonating Strike is another Primer to help assist your co-op friends. Of course, both of the Interceptors Primers can be detonated with a standard melee attack, as well as the class’ devastating Ultimate.


Bladed Daggers (Impact Detonator)

With the Interceptor being a bit of a glass cannon, you’ll want to ensure that you dart quickly in and out when going in for a melee combo. Detonate any primed enemies and then get the hell out of there.


Assassin’s Blades (Impact Detonator)

Go wild with the Assassin’s Blades combo and try to time it with teammates unleashing an assault of Primers. Being able to quickly dish out combos while invulnerable is a great way of taking major chunks out of boss characters.

Combo Effect

Aura – Enemies near you gain the elemental effect over time.

With the Interceptor being a fairly chaotic Javelin to play as, you likely won’t notice the effects of Aura working their magic. Rest assured, this combo effect will be working in the background as you lay waste to the opposition.

Support Seals

Rally Cry

Being able to quickly remove any elemental effects from yourself and allies is huge at the Grandmaster difficulties. Be aware of how your co-op buddies are doing and issue a quick Rally Cry if things are looking bad.

Best Anthem Build | Masterwork and Legendary Equipment

Best Anthem Build

In the best Anthem builds above, I’ve not accounted for Masterwork or Legendary components, which have their own unique names and effects. These should be equipped when unlocked, as they offer positive effects that can make your Javelin even more powerful. Play through Grandmaster missions for the best chance of earning these.

As for components, you’ll be wanting to cover your weaknesses, which often means prioritizing components specifically made for your Javelin. Universal components can often be useless by comparison, so pay attention to what you are equipping and ensure they help contribute to your overall build. This goes for weapons and their inscriptions, too.