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Apex Legends Slow Movement | How to fix Laggy Running

Speed and agility can be critical in Apex Legendsgiving you a chance to escape enemy fire or get to cover more swiftly. As such, despite each character having the same standard run speed, many players have been keen to work out which character is the fastest using their abilities. However, Apex Legends slow movement has been reported as a potentially lethal issue, as this movement speed bug causes some characters to move at a much slower pace. Slow movement can be a death sentence in the battle royale arena. Read on to find out how to fix laggy running.

Apex Legends Slow Movement | How to fix Laggy Running

Apex Legends slow movement

The movement speed bug is relatively easy to identify, as your run speed becomes much more sluggish. Your squad will see your character model visibly lagging in speed. This issue was initially reported to affect players after being revived and was summarily fixed in the latest patch notes. However, multiple players have since reported Apex Legends slow movement since then, occurring randomly or upon landing after jumping out of the plane.. The good news is that there is a fix for the movement speed bug. The bad news is that it involves dying.

More specifically, the slow movement can be solved by damaging the affected player until they go down, and then reviving them, which now appears to fix the movement speed bug. Make sure that you’ve got the latest version of the game installed, or this solution might not work without Respawn’s latest changes. The best way to cause this damage is by throwing a grenade at the affected player’s feet. The Apex Legends slow movement has also been reported to affect entire squads or even whole matches, which is likely more due to a server issue than an in-game bug. If you seem to be affected by this larger issue, either wait to see if these issues are resolved, or leave and find a new match.