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Apex Legends Hitboxes | Which characters have the biggest hitbox?

The roster of eight characters in Apex Legends initially seemed to be fairly balanced, with a plethora of abilities and play styles to suit any player. However, in the weeks since release, many players have sought to find the best character in Apex Legends, and now it seems the answer has been found. The Apex Legends hitboxes have been reported to be disproportionate in the case of Pathfinder, who appears to have a larger hitbox than other characters in the game. Read on to find out which characters have the biggest hitbox?

Apex Legends Hitboxes | Which characters have the biggest hitbox?

Apex Legends hitboxes

Any character model with a larger hitbox becomes easier to hit,  with a potentially higher chance of enemy fire landing on the character. As such, creating an accurate and fair hitbox is critical to maintaining balance in the game, especially in the case of a weaker support character like Pathfinder. In a video published by YouTuber SookieSpy, it becomes clear that while most characters have an accurate hitbox to fit their model, Pathfinder has a far more inaccurate hitbox, exhibiting damage when the area around his model is hit. From this video, it appears that the legs and head are the most affected, making it easier to land headshots on Pathfinder.

There hasn’t been a bug patch since this issue arose, and it seems that Pathfinder still has a larger hitbox in the game. However, Respawn’s Community Manager addressed the issue on Reddit, “We are definitely aware of it and we were actually just discussing it today.” As such, we can expect changes to be made to Pathfinder’s model in the near future, adjusting his hitbox to be more accurate and in line with the other heroes in Apex Legends. Until then, it might be worth switching to a different hero; if you’re looking for similar agility and speed, it might be worth playing one of the quickest characters in Apex Legends.