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Apex Legends Best character | Legends, abilities, and ultimates

There’s a debate about who the best character to play as in Apex Legends already. The game’s not long been out but players are arguing about which legend is the champion above all others. Who should you play as, if you don’t have a clue where to start though? Luckily, our Apex Legends best character guide is here to help. Read on for the legends, abilities, and ultimates of each.

Apex Legends Best character – Bangalore

apex legends best character bangalore

Bangalore bio

Bangalore is a 35-year-old professional soldier who trained at the IMC Military Academy. Learning to fight from a very young age, and with a familial background in combat, Bangalore  real name Anita Williams  finished top of her class during her studies.

She joined the Apex Games in a bid to raise enough cash to get back to her family after a mission, alongside her brother Jackson and her squad, went awry. Using what she learned from her studies, Bangalore is a fearsome fighter who is perfect for those run-and-gun type players.


  • Smoke Launcher (tactical) — Fires grenades into the air and dispenses smoke upon impact with an object.
  • Double Time (passive) — Enables Bangalore to sprint faster for a limited time whilst taking fire.


  • Rolling Thunder Calls in a missile strike that gradually makes its way across the battlefield.

Apex Legends Best character – Bloodhound

apex legends best character bloodhound

Bloodhound bio

Legend has it that Bloodhound is the greatest games hunter that the Outlands has ever seen. A technological tracker, nobody knows of Bloodhound’s name, age, or origin, but they do know they are a formidable foe to come cross in the Apex Games. Rumors have longed swirled around about their life, but Bloodhound’s identity remains a mystery to all except themselves.

Using their expert tracking skills with guidance from Earth’s Old Norse Gods, Bloodhound players are the sneaky gamers of the bunch.


  • Eye of the Allfather (tactical) — Reveals traps, hidden enemies, and structural clues for a limited period of time.
  • Tracker (passive) Enables players to see the direction of their foes via their footprints.


  • Beast of the Hunt Sensory enhancement that allows you to move quicker and find your enemies more easily.

Apex Legends Best character – Caustic

apex legends best character caustic

Caustic bio

A 48-year-old world renowned scientist, Caustic real name Alexander Nox went missing after his workplace, known as Humbert Labs, was destroyed. Nox was the individual behind the development of pesticide gases to protect the Frontier’s crops but, after his experiments were found to be toxic to humans, his superiors looked to end his research with catastrophic results.

Caustic now uses the Apex Games as a means to test out his toxic gases on opponents, and sees their effects first hand. A great character for those who want to create havoc in the opposition team.


  • Nox Gas Trap (tactical) — Deploys canisters that emit toxic gas when shot at or when triggered by opponents.
  • Nox Vision (passive) Allows the player to see enemies through their own gas.


  • Nox Gas Grenade Drop a Nox gas canister that releases gas across a wide area.

Apex Legends Best character – Gibraltar

apex legends best character gibraltar

Gibraltar bio

Makoa Gibraltar is a 30-year-old shield-esque soldier who uses his abilities to help those in need. Joining the Apex Games to provide protection to those he cares about, Gibraltar acts as a support character rather than a fully-fledged fighter.

His work at the Apex Games have made him iconic in the arena, and many know that they’re safe form harm when he’s around. Known as the Shielded Fortress, it’s not difficult to see why, and a perfect fighter for those who want a tank-esque character who protects others.


  • Dome of Protection (tactical) Deploys a dome shield that protects everyone in it for 15 seconds.
  • Gun Shield (passive) Blocks incoming fire via a shield when you aim down the sights of your weapon.


  • Defensive Bombardment Call in a mortar strike on a specific position.

Apex Legends Best character – Lifeline

apex legends best character lifeline

Lifeline bio

The 24-year-old combat medic known as Ajay Che, Lifeline plied her trade initially as a member of the Frontier Corps after she ran away from home. This humanitarian organisation helps those in need on the Frontier, and led to Lifeline to join the Apex Games to raise funds for this charitable company.

Despite being a helper of many, Lifeline isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty when she needs to. Her mantra is to always help others, but not if they have a gun to her face. Definitely a support class that you’ll want on your team.


  • D.O.C Heal Drone (tactical) Deploys your Drone of Compassion, which heals all nearby teammates.
  • Combat Medic (passive) Revives downed teammates faster whilst a shield protects you. Also quickens your healing item use by 25%.


  • Care Package Calls in a drop pod that houses high-quality gear for defensive purposes.

Apex Legends Best character – Mirage

apex legends best character mirage

Mirage bio

A master of holograms, 30-year-old Elliot Witt joined the Apex Games after hearing tales of money and honor whilst he worked as a bartender on his home world of Solace. His one true passion growing up was learning about Holo-Pilot technology, and he developed his own devices with his mum at home during the Frontier War a war his three older brothers fought in.

Mirage  likely best used as an invisible scout now uses these items in battle, and regaularly draws the crowds with his charming and humorous personality. One for gamers who want to toy with their enemies.


  • Psyche Out (tactical) Deploys a holographic decoy to confuse opponents.
  • Encore! (passive) Automatically deploys a decoy and cloak for five seconds once downed.


  • Vanishing Act — Drops a team of decoys while you cloak yourself.

Apex Legends Best character – Pathfinder

apex legends best character pathfinder

Pathfinder bio

The only non-human character in the game. Known as a Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity or MRVN for short Patfinder was used as a scout to survey areas for reconnaissance purposes.

After coming into being decades ago, Pathfinder had sought to find its creator and explore the world, before the appealing nature of the Apex Games drew it in. It hopes that, with plenty of victories at the games and accruing a sizable fan following, Pathfinder may just yet find its creator. The best bet for players who want to scout ahead.


  • Grappling Hook (tactical) Grapple onto walls or ceilings to make a quick getaway.
  • Insider Knowledge (passive) Scan a survey beacon to locate the ring’s next location.


  • Zipline Gun Create a zipline for all competitors to use.

Apex Legends Best character – Wraith

apex legends best character wraith

Wraith bio

Little is known about the legend known as Wraith, apart from the fact that she’s an interdimensional skirmisher. Known as a whirlwind fighter, she has the ability to open rifts in space to confuse her enemies before attacking them. Even Wraith has no idea of how she came to have these powers, but it doesn’t stop her using them at the Apex Games.

Wraith’s abilities mean she’s best utilised as a means to befuddle the opposition, while her teammates flank them and attack from another location. With every success during the games, she comes closer to finding the truth about her origins, which appear to be based nearby the arena. Ideal for people who want to get in and out of the action quickly.


  • Into the Void (tactical) Make a quick getaway via a rift in space. Prevents player from taking damage.
  • Voices of the Void (passive) A voice warns of impending danger from an opponent.


  • Dimensional Rift Links two locations on the map together for one minute. Teammates are able to travel between these portals during this time too.