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Anthem weapon trophies not unlocking | Why are my gun stats not tracking?

Platinum trophy hunters on PS4 are having a less-than-ideal time with Anthem. There is a big issue with the Anthem weapon trophies not unlocking. It appears as though this issue is affecting only those of you playing Anthem on PS4. What is the Anthem weapon trophies bug? Is there a way to unlock weapon trophies in Anthem? Read on to find out all there is to know.

Anthem weapon trophies not unlocking | What’s the bug?

Anthem Weapon Trophies Not Unlocking

For more than a handful of Anthem players on PS4, a list of Anthem weapon trophies are not unlocking. The original poster on this official support forum thread explains that the Light Machine Gun Lover trophy is not unlocking. This is despite fulfilling its guidelines. Essentially, for a whole host of gun types in Anthem, you will unlock a trophy for completing three challenges using them.

For example, to unlock the Light Machine Gun Lover trophy you need to complete three light machine gun 1 challenges. This includes killing a total of 50 enemies with that weapon. You can unlock a trophy like this for light machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, marksman rifles, assault rifles, machine pistols, heavy pistols, autocannons, and grenade launchers. According to the support forum thread listed above, however, there appears to be a bug stopping you from earning these trophies.

You should unlock the weapon trophies in Anthem after killing 50 enemies with three different weapons of the same type. If you go out and kill 50 enemies with the Guardian, Scout, and Anvil marksman rifles, however, the Born in Battle trophy won’t unlock. To make matters worse, it seems as though the in-game kill counter is broken, often getting stuck on 49/50 kills during Freeplay. Even if you do get the 50th kill, and you return to Fort Tarsis and see that you have completed the challenges, the trophy might not unlock.

Anthem weapon trophies not unlocking fix

Anthem Weapon Trophies Not Unlocking

Unfortunately, it seems different weapon challenge trophies aren’t unlocking for different people. You might be able to unlock the Born in Battle trophy, but not the Light Machine Gun Lover one. Without official word from EA or BioWare, we can’t say that there is a fix for the bug.

A possible solution, meanwhile, might be this: Head onto the Completed Challenge list and check if you have unlocked the trophy or not (it simply might not have popped up). If you haven’t unlocked the trophy, try heading out into Freeplay with a different weapon and kill 50 enemies again. Hopefully, this should work, but it’s time to cross our fingers in the hope of an official fix via a patch.