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Anthem Tomb of Cariff | How to get multi kills

The latest game from Mass Effect creators BioWare is Anthem, and it’s officially out now, so players from all over the world are taking on the game’s various challenges. Some of those hardest challenges come as part of the Tombs of Legionnaires, being Cariff, Gawnes, Yvenia, and Artinia, although often it’s just getting into those Tombs that proves the hardest. The Anthem Tomb of Cariff challenge is particularly difficult.

Each Tomb’s challenge requires the player to complete a series of tasks, most of which involve getting a certain amount of something, such as treasure chests or melee kills. The Tomb of Cariff is especially annoying, because one of its tasks requires the player to get a certain amount of “multi-kills.” Unfortunately, there is no information anywhere in the game to explain exactly what these are. We can tell you, and we’ll also tell you how to get multi kills in Anthem.

Where is the Anthem Tomb of Cariff?

The door to the Tomb of Cariff lies right at the northeastern section of the map, in the northeast part of the Emerald Abyss, just next to the river that cuts this region in two. You’ll find a load of tall ruins, and the door to the Tomb of Cariff lies at the bottom of these ruins. You can enter through the hole in the roof. Owen will tell you when you get close. Of course, first you’ll have to get on with the messy business of opening it.

What do you need to do to complete the Anthem Tomb of Cariff challenge?

The Trial of Cariff has four tasks, all of which you’ll need to complete if you want to get inside the Tomb of the Legion of Dawn’s Tactician, and therefore continue the story. These tasks are:

  • Missions 0/3
  • Gear Defeats 0/30
  • Combo Triggers 0/15
  • Multi-kills 0/3

“Missions” is possibly the easiest task out of all Tomb requirements, since you only need to have done three, and you’ll almost certainly have done way more than that to have got to this point. We’re not even sure why this was a requirement to be honest, but at least it’s simple and one less thing to worry about. “Gear Defeats” is also simple, although confusingly named. You merely have to have killed 30 enemies with any of your abilities (apart from your Ultimate ability).

“Combo Triggers” are a little bit more difficult, and the game doesn’t really point out how to do these efficiently. We go into detail on how to do Anthem Primer and Detonator combos in our guide on the subject, so head there if you’re having trouble figuring it out. To keep it simple: when you or one of your teammates uses an ability that causes ongoing damage to an enemy, a red icon may appear over that enemy’s head. If you hit an enemy with one of these icons (caused by a teammate) with one of your abilities, it may set off a combo. Keep doing this and you’ll complete this task, and can move on to the toughest part of the Trial of Cariff: the “Multi-Kills” task.

What are multi-kills?

Possibly the hardest part about this particular task is that the game never actually tells you what a “multi-kill” is. There’s nothing about it in the Tutorials section, which is the only place in Anthem where you could get information about Combos, so if it’s not there it’s nowhere. Obviously it has something to do with taking down a number of enemies at once, but how many enemies, and how? What counts as an official Anthem multi-kill, enough to count for the Trial of Cariff?

It took technical design director Brenon Holmes appearing on Reddit to clear up what multi-kills were in Anthem before we got an official definition. Basically, to get a single Anthem multi-kill, you have to get 8 kills in a row. You get a ten-second timer each time you get a kill, so every time you kill an enemy you have up to ten seconds to get the next before it resets. It’s not however many people you kill in a single shot, in other words, it’s a chain kill instead.

How do you get multi-kills?

This task can be a real pain, because there often aren’t eight enemies together in a single spot, and if there are, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to carefully cull them before your teammates get to them with a lightning strike or an Ultimate. The good news is that, at least according to Brenon Holmes, you should be able to get these multi-kills however you like, whether by weapon, melee, ability, or even Ultimate. The bad news is that there are conflicting reports on whether these things actually work all the time.

The general consensus is that you should only attempt to get multi-kills in Freeplay, not missions or Strongholds. If you’re exclusively looking to farm kills, stick the difficulty on “Easy” in the Freeplay launch options, that’ll allow you rack up the kills quicker. Try and stay away from other players, because they might steal your kills. Don’t use your Ultimate ability, and if you’re going to use other abilities, only pick off one enemy at a time rather than mobs. Make sure you find a group of eight or more enemies, or a World Event with lots of low-level enemies, otherwise move on. The Scar Foothold between Academy Ruins and the Great Falls canyon is a good spot.

That’s all we can give you on multi-kills, so good luck farming them. You’ll probably need it.