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Apex Legends Collateral Kills | Can you get two kills with one bullet?

Apex Legends is a little different from other shooting games. You can slide without end as long as you’re going downhill, you can flow through portals, and shotguns actually have good range. Can you, however, pick up Apex Legends Collateral Kills? Can you get two kills with one bullet in Apex Legends? Read on to find out all you need to know.

Apex Legends Collateral Kills | Can you get two kills with one bullet?

Apex Legends Collateral Kills

Collateral kills have long been part and parcel of any good online shooter. They are simple enough to understand, but difficult to pull off. A collateral kill means that you kill more than one enemy with one bullet. That’s it. You can get collateral kills in Apex Legends. The issue is they are difficult to pull off. When you do, though, that’s two gone from potentially the same team.

How to get Apex Legends Collateral Kills

Apex Legends collateral kills

In order to get a collateral kill in Apex Legends, you will first need two enemies lined up, one behind the other. Neither of the two enemies can be particularly far behind one another, however, as the bullet simply won’t be powerful enough after going through one enemy already. If you do see two enemies lined up alongside one another, you will need a powerful gun to pull off a collateral kill. A pistol, assault rifle, or shotgun probably won’t do it.

To pull off an Apex Legends collateral kill you will need a sniper rifle such as the Longbow (or something equally powerful and accurate), and both enemies already having their health low would also be helpful. A sniper rifle is best, as you can zoom in on your enemies in order to line up the perfect headshot. If you have a sniper rifle, spot two enemies within close range of one another, line them up so the bullet kills one and continues on to kill the other. Hey presto, you’ve got yourself a collateral kill.