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Infinity Blade Hints

Secret - Restart Important Battles

When fighting the God King or the big robot in the basement, a loss means the start of a new bloodline without the choice to load from the last save point. In order to restart the fight over after you've already lost (but before the cut scene of your death ends), quit out of the program, shut it down by double clicking the home button and holding down on the Infinity Blade program icon until it gives you a subtraction mark (-). Press the subtraction mark to shut down the program, then restart the program. It will go through its loading screen and start you before the battle allowing you a second chance at the win.

Infinity Blade

Beat the God King to unlock the Infinity Blade in the store. It costs a huge amount of money but does +200 damage.


By completing certain objectives in the game, you'll unlock special awards and titles.

A Reed in the Wind - Perform 50 Parries.

All Right, Little Man - Perform a Combo Attack.

Artful Dodger - Dodge 100 times.

Back In My Day - Complete 5 Bloodlines.

Bag of Holding - Increase your inventory by at least 50 items.

Brick Wall - Block 100 attacks.

Cinderblock - Block 10 attacks.

Ding! - Reach level 5.

En Garde! - Perform 10 Parries.

Epic! - Perform 1,000 Parries.

Fists of Fury - Perform a five-hit combo.

Four on the Floor - Perform a four-hit combo.

Full of Holes - Perform 5 Stab Attacks.

Hardly Working - Acquire 25,000 gold pieces.

If Ya Got It, Use It - Master an inventory item.

Inconceivable! - Defeat an enemy without taking any damage.

Intimately Familiar - Master 50 inventory items.

Its Own Reward - Acquire 100,000 gold pieces.

Jackpot! - Open 100 treasure chests.

Last One Standing - Fight ten enemies in a single playthrough.

Like Dustin' Crops - Reach level 20.

Like Swiss Cheese - Perform 100 Stab Attacks.

Master of Disaster - Master 10 inventory items.

Minuteman - Defeat an enemy in under 60 seconds.

No, THIS Is Sparta - Perform 50 Super Attacks.

Now Stay Down! - Defeat the God-King.

Now THIS Happens - Perform 50 Combo Attacks.

Only What Ya See - Purchase an inventory item.

Payday! - Open 5 treasure chests.

Prodigal Son - Complete 1 Bloodline.

Roger Dodger - Dodge 10 times.

Skips a Generation - Complete 2 Bloodlines.

The Bigger They Are - Perform 200 Combo Attacks.

The Harder They Fall - Perform 1,000 Combo Attacks.

There Is No Try - Reach level 10.

This Is On A Phone! - Complete 20 Bloodlines.

Variety is the Spice - Do each type of Combo in the same battle.

Warriors Only - Perform a Super Attack.

Waste Not Want Not - Find all world treasures in a play-through.

Well-Equipped - Increase your inventory by at least 10 items.

Wizard! - Cast a magic spell.

Working Hard - Acquire 1,000 gold pieces.

You Got the Touch - Perform 200 Parries.

You Shall Not Pass! - Cast 100 magic spells.

Cheap Leveling Up

Mastering weapons gives you stat points you can use to level up. Cheap weapons can be mastered much faster than expensive ones, so though the expensive weapons may be tempting, you should purchase cheap stuff early on and master it first to take advantage of the stat points. Then, you can use better, more expensive weappons to level up near the end of the game instead of crappy, cheap weapons.

Fast Money

Here is a great way to increase your Infinity Sword fund. You must be able to beat the God King before attempting this.

Step 1: Go to Options while in game and Restart to Bloodline 1.

Step 2: Get defeated by the God King and wait until you get to you saying the following, "Father, I will avenge you"

Step 3: Get to the God King as fast as possible, skipping chests unless you walk by them and you don't have to fight anyone.

Step 4: Eventually you come to a door where you go straight or to the right. Click on the door and go through it.

Step 5: Fight the last enemiess and you should now be at the God King.

Step 6: Kill him whatever way possible!

Step 7: You now should get between 8000-11000 gold and a item.

Step 8: Sell all the items you have more then 1 of this to increase your gold.

Step 9: Repeat until you lose -- at level 150 it becomes significantly less fruitful due to the boss's difficulty.

Note: Once you get around Bloodline 10 that's when you want to fight as many monsters as possible since you get between 2000-6000 gold.