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Metro Exodus gas for generator | Where is the gas?

Our Metro Exodus gas for generator guide details one of the more annoying ones that players will have to deal with in the game: the gas generator puzzle. You’ll encounter this one more than once throughout the game. The problem is simple enough: a gas generator needs to be turned on, but you can’t find any fuel to power it up. We’ll break down the details, telling you where to find the gasoline you need and what you get for completing it!

Metro Exodus gas for generator | The Volga island

Metro Exodus gas for generator

You’ll first encounter a gas generator puzzle in The Volga. This is an entirely optional puzzle, but the rewards are worth it. You should certainly make the time to get to it! This particular puzzle sits on an island to the south in the middle of the map that is only accessible by boat.

First, you must get to the point in the storyline where you’ve met the mechanic Krest at the port. It will be difficult (if not impossible) to find a boat before then. Make sure you load up on ammo before you leave Krest’s home, as you’re going to need it. Once you’ve hit the zipline down, you’ll find a boat right next to the building that you landed in. You’ll have to deal with some humanoid mutants in the building and you’re likely to encounter shrimp mutants on your trip to the island. The island is directly East from where you find the boat. You may also encounter the Tsar Fish (that is, the really big fish) on the open water. If you do, haul ass to the island and get on land as fast as possible.

Once you’re on the island, you’ll see a couple of harmless locals. They’re generally harmless and can be safely ignored. When you explore the tiny island, you’ll find a sealed door with two switches, but you can’t get through the door. A gas generator sits in a nearby building (which you can find by following the wire). Head over to the generator. There’s a gas can next to it, but it’s unfortunately empty. You can find the needed fuel outside of the building the generator is in, right next to the window.

Once you power it up, you can turn on one switch that will open a metal grate door. Head past another locked door to a ramp that takes you upstairs. Drop down through a hole, and you’ll find a circuit breaker to activate. Make sure to loot the room, and then head back to the sealed door. Opening the door up will reveal a gruesome scene and some loot. Most importantly, there’s the Battery Charge Controller upgrade. This device will allow your batteries to last longer.

After you’ve cleared out the sealed room, you can visit a safehouse on the same island. Make sure to grab every single piece of Material and Chemicals that you can as there really isn’t much of a reason to come back to this island once you’ve cleared it out.

Metro Exodus gas for generator | The Taiga dam door

Metro Exodus gas for generator

The next portion of our Metro Exodus gas for generator guide is a little more dangerous. Unlike the generator in The Taiga, the second generator puzzle you’ll encounter is part of the core storyline and closer to the end of the game. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in an underground complex that is absolutely swarming with spiders. A door needs to be open and a nearby generator is the only way to do it. Unfortunately, there is once again no usable gas cans immediately near the generator. You’ll have to hunt them down, and this time you’re surrounded by deadly spiders. Fun!

The correct gas can will be to the left of the entrance of the room that has the generator. Grab it, fuel the generator, and enjoy the brief respite that a little extra light will bring from the spiders. There’s still plenty of darkness, so take your time and make sure to keep your flashlight charged up.

Head up the stairs towards the door. The door switch sits directly to the right of the door. Turn it on, and the path will be open for you to continue further on into the level. Make sure to thoroughly search the area before leaving as you won’t be returning to this place, either.