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Anthem Servers Full Fix | How to stop ‘Servers Full’ error

Needing to hunt down an Anthem Servers Full fix is not a fun way to spend your gaming time. The “Servers Full” error can strike seemingly at random, and so anyone can be affected. If you’re seeing the “Servers Full” error, read on for the recommended troubleshooting steps and what you can do to fix the problem.

Anthem Servers Full Fix | How to stop “Servers Full” error

Anthem Servers Full Fix

Simply waiting at the game’s menu may seem like a good idea, as you may have experienced a “queue” in other video games. Staggering access to an online-only game is not unusual to see during peak times of play. However, with the Anthem Servers Full error, it seems that you have a better chance of getting into the game via a reboot, than waiting for the game to drag you in.

I’ve personally encountered the Servers Full error message when trying to play the game after an update has just dropped. It’s possible that, what with the new fixes and content drops, the player base is eager to dive into the game and see what has improved. In the case of Anthem, especially, any improvements to the game would be welcome, as there have been many reports of different errors, in addition to general complaints about a lack of content at launch. (See our review for more thoughts on this.)

Should rebooting the game fail to solve the Anthem Servers Full error issue, we’d then recommend you reboot your console. Failing that, you’ll want to reset your router, as it could be an issue with the connection between you and the Anthem servers. If none of these solutions work, then you’re final option is to wait until BioWare issues a fix. You can monitor the Anthem Twitter page here, where updates are regularly posted.