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Pokemon Go Dialga Raid Battle | How to beat and best counters

Are you in need of tips for the Pokemon Go Dialga raid battle? You’ve come to the right place. We suspect you want to know how to beat it, and what the best counters are to its types. Find out all there is to know about the Pokemon Go Dialga raid battle with our guide.

Pokemon Go Dialga raid battle | Tier level

Pokemon Go Dialga Raid Battle best counters how to beat

As a Legendary Pokemon, it won’t be a surprise for you to learn that the Pokemon Go Dialga raid battle ranks this beast at tier 5. If you thought that made this raid battle tough, then you might want to avoid it during windy or snowy conditions. Either of these weather types will cause Dialga’s CP rating to jump from between 2217 and 2307 to a staggering value between 2771 and 2884.

Don’t be dismayed by this fact, though. Dialga’s dual steel-dragon type means that it is weak against certain other Pokemon types, so read on to find out which ones you’ll need to beat it.

Pokemon Go Dialga raid battle | Best counters

Pokemon Go Dialga Raid Battle machamp groudon lucario

There are a number of other Pokemon types that are extremely effective against it. Fighting, ground, and fire are all strong against steel, while dragon, fairy, and ice are very effective against dragon.

Machamp, for example, does exceedingly well in neutral weather conditions, and its powerful dynamic punch move will hurt Dialga. Lucario is another great option. Its resistance to steel will mean it can take Dialga’s hits, while its fighting attacks  such as counter and close combat  will hurt Dialga back.

In terms of ground-type, Groudon is your go-to Pokemon. Its Earthquake attack will deal massive damage to Dialga’s steel duality, while its Mud Shot quick move means you can get good shots in at a faster rate.

Other possibilities you can use included Breloom, Blaziken, and Heracross. Just make sure that none of your fighting or ground Pokemon are weak to Dialga’s own attacks and you’ll be set.